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EcoArts Fest

EcoArts Fest June 2, 2018. 10-3

Schedule for the Day

10:00 am
Opening Pageant: Pageant begins led by Batucada do Norte Sidewalk in front of MVNWR

Gather for the opening parade and pageant featuring students from Twin Cities schools and their Pollinator Puppets, Chicks on Sticks Stilters, and artists Julie Boada, Gustavo Boada, Anne Sawyer-Aitch, Jeanette Dickinson, Meg Erke, and more!


“Music Takes Flight” Concert
Saint Paul Civic Symphony
Indoors-Lower Level MVNWR

Saint Paul Music Academy Choir
11:15 – 3:00

Hands-on Art Activities Open
Indoors-Lower Levels & Classrooms


Kuyayki Peru
MN-Peruvian Dancers

Japanese Drum
Ensemble Auditorium

Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli
Intergenerational Mexica Dancers


Sansei Yonsei Kai-Intergenerational
Japanese Dance Auditorium

Ghana Mbaye – African Drumming

Nature Activities

Tour the Pollinator GardenAttend a science and art workshop on bees with (Bee Citizen Science and Art)

Enjoy artist-created Bee Houses in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge gallery

Learn about Monarch butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Shanty

Create pollinator garden seed balls

Humming for Bees: learn how to create a bee friendly backyard


Listen to the Saint Paul Civic Symphony Concert “Music Takes Flight”

Food Trucks or bring a picnic

A zero-waste event


Hands-On Art Activities

Make a Monarch seed container

Create a bee-utiful bee bonnet

Make bee and butterfly origami

Design your own pollinator tote bag

Write a poem about your favorite pollinator

See the “Home Is Where the Bees Are” Art Exhibit

Cultural Dances and Music Performances

St. Paul Music Academy

Kuyayki Peru – MN – Peruvian Dancers

Taikollaborative – Taiko Drummers

Kapulli Yaocenoxtili – Aztec Dance and Drumming

Sansei Yonsei Kai – Japanese Dancers

Ghana Mbaye African Drum Ensemble

Now in its 11th year, the EcoArts Fest is a one-day outdoor arts, environmental, and cultural celebration at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Set overlooking the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, this free, family friendly, zero waste event features interactive art and nature activities for all. EcoArts Fest engages kids and adults with fun activities that shed light on environmental issues through art making and show ways individuals can create change. Conveniently located on the Blue Line at the American Blvd. stop.

EcoArts Fest’s environmental focus is protecting our pollinators: bees, butterflies, and birds. The festival explores environmental changes and habitat loss of birds, monarch butterflies, bees, and more.

EcoArts Fest activities are created with residencies, workshops, and programming in the community with artists and naturalists months in advance of the celebration. Naturalist Larry Wade provides curriculum for students in residencies and their art reflects their environmental observations.

The day is a culmination of these activities and showcases the art, music, dance, and performances of youth and adults in response to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world and our place in it.

EcoArts Fest sponsored by

For more information contact: Carol Sirrine or call 651-698-2787
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Between Water & Sky

Between Water and Sky

JUNE 11-JULY 6, 2018 • 8:30-3:30 PM

PUBLIC ART: “Wasted” installed at the London Design Festival

How do the arts promote environmental stewardship?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED . . . What skills and processes do artists and naturalists share in common?
Where do artists find inspiration for new work?
What is the role of the artist in addressing environmental issues?
How do you start to make a personal statement about issues like climate change, water scarcity, and habitat loss?

Between Water and Sky is a four-week summer mentorship program in which 15 youth ages 14-17 years explore these questions working side-by-side with professional naturalists and artists-a composer, poet and visual artists at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (MVNWR).

The goal of Between Water and Sky is create a public art work that integrates environmental learning with composed sound sources, poetry and visual arts and that serves as a commentary on climate change and global warming. The public art work is showcased at MVNWR.

PUBLIC ART: “Eco Factor” installed in New York City to raise awareness that each second in the United States 1500 water bottles are consumed

Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to
top half a trillion by 2021, far outstripping recycling efforts and jeopardizing oceans, coastlines and other environments.

Join visual artists Julie Boada, Gustavo Boada, Anne Sawyer-Aitch, Jeanette Dickinson, poet Marie Olofstotter, composer Michael Croswell, and naturalist, Larry Wade for a 4-week mentorship project that immerses you in nature and the arts. Throughout our time together you will experience:

Creating A Shared Vision
Get to know fellow participants, their hopes and dreams, skills, talents, and interests as you explore the ecology of the Minnesota River using handmade journals, digital phones, or digital cameras. Participate in daily reflection on your experiences led by the artists and naturalists.

Exploring Nature at the Refuge
Participate in environmental field experiences exploring the wetlands, floodplain, and forests of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Conduct water quality experiments; Anne Sawyer-Aitch study bird and animal habitat; learn about the symbiotic relationship between pollinators and plants; meet naturalists and naturalist interns from the MVNWR and learn about what they do at the Refuge to sustain habitat for wildlife and educate the public.
Gustavo Boada The Refuge is located in Bloomington on the Minnesota River and is easily accessible by the Metro Blue Line

Exploring the Artistic Process
Work daily to record discoveries and observations during environmental field experiences in your handmade journals. Examine the concept of public art and look at artists’ works that integrate multiple art forms around environmental issues; imagine possibilities for art projects; collect sound sources and experiment with sound electronically; Larry Wade create different poetic forms, and, combine traditional and non-traditional art materials learning skills and techniques to get the desired effect.

Examining Social Justice Issues: the Environment
Meet with MVNWR naturalists and other environmental Michael Croswellexperts to explore the issues of global warming and climate change. Consider the impact on Minnesota wildlife, water sources, habitat and people. Discuss how environmental degradation is a social justice issue and what actions each of us can take to preserve our earth for other generations.

Creating Public Art that Integrates Multiple Art Forms
Design and plan a public art work that incorporates multiple art forms-music/sound sources, poetry, and art; Jeanette Dickinsonchoose sound and art materials that symbolize and communicate the message; experiment integrating different art forms; edit and refine ideas; create a public art installation.
Name the work and develop an artistic statement that is displayed along side the art installation.

Celebrating Our Creative Collective Voice
JULY 6, 2018 • TIME TBD

Join artists, naturalists, family and friends to celebrate the unveiling of the public art installation. Enjoy refreshments and receive your stipend.

• Youth who care about what is happening to the environment and want an outlet to express their voice through art
Julie Boada
• Youth who have an interest or talent in creating art, poetry, or music or all three art forms

• Youth who like to collaborate with others

• Youth who can commit to all 4 weeks of the project, including the celebration on July 6

• Youth who could not ordinarily have access to project like this because of finances

Applicants need to apply in writing using the form on this page to be Marie Olofstotter considered for the mentorship. They will also need to provide a recommendation and attend an interview with the program coordinator. The stipend for the 4-week internship is up to $500 depending on daily attendance and participation.

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ArtStart Classes with St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department

On Safari with ArtStart
Calling all preschoolers!
If you are 4 or 5 years old, you do not want to miss this art opportunity designed just for you.

Storyteller Brenda Bell-Brown, artist Majken Elsberry, and creative movement expert, Christopher Yaeger, take you on safari to explore African culture and wildlife of the Serengeti-lions, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs and may more. During our week together you draw, paint, make a mask, create your favorite African animal in clay, make a puppet, weave and print on fabric, and retell a tale from Anansi the Spider, the great African trickster, through movement and puppetry. So, grab your passport and join ArtStart on this fabulous whirlwind tour of Africa! St. Paul Parks & Rec

Date: August 6-10, 2018
Time: 8:30-11:45 am
Tuition: $150

Location: Highland Park Community Center
1978 Ford Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116
(651) 695-3706

Register Online

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Summer Arts Camp St. Paul

Passport To India

From the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean

Week I begin your journey in southern India. Bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east, southern India is known for its lush tropical beaches and undisturbed wildlife sanctuaries that house elephants, bengal tigers, Indian leopards, sloth bears, gaurs and more. During Week I create many different kinds of art, sing, compose, dance, and retell stories—all inspired by the cultural traditions and natural beauty of the region.

From the Himalayas to the Ganges

Week 2 travel to northern India and learn how traditional art forms and dances have been transformed by modern day influences. Explore the natural and built wonders of northern India, from the towering Himalaya mountain range, home to many rare animals, to the famous Taj Mahal. Create a one-of-kind musical instrument, a marionette puppet, as well as art work inspired by traditional art forms, skills and techniques.

Pre-school children ages 4-5 years register for “A Start with the Arts” offered morning only both weeks.

Book Your Flight to India Through the Arts Now!

Brochure/Register By Mail

Ages 4-5: A Start with the Arts $150
Ages 6-12: Half Day: $150, Full Day: $295
Aftercare available until 5pm at $7.00/day

Friday, June 16, 2018 but classes fill very quickly. We support children attending camp with a friend and will place them in the same class. Half day offered both morning and afternoon. Class ratio: 1 teacher/15 students. Confirmation letters and directions sent out June 23, 2018. In addition, partial scholarships are available.

ArtStart Members*: Receive a 10% discount!

Cancellation Fees
June 5- July 1: 20% of fee forfeited
July 2- July 8: 50% of fee forfeited
July 9 or later: 100% of fee forfeited

Artist Roster

Mount Zion
1300 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN

Lunch and Snacks
Full day students need to bring a lunch. Lunch is supervised. Children should also bring a morning and afternoon fruit break.

After Care
After care is supervised and unstructured so that children can relax. Children are free to bring games, or books and to make art on their own. If we show videos, we like to provide further learning about a culture through documentaries or stories. Extended day students should also bring an additional snack.

Each Friday family and friends of pre- schoolers and school age children are invited to attend ArtStart’s Informance where children share their art work and performances created throughout the week. A flyer will be sent home mid-week announcing the time and place of the Friday Informance.

Southern India, July 9-13 2018

Tanjore Painting
Tanjore painting is one of the most popular art forms of Southern India. An ancient art, Tanjore painting incorporates semi-precious stones, glass and gold into the painting. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to create your own Tanjore inspired painting complete with jeweled cabochons, gold foil and more.

From the Raga to the Tala
Musician and composer Nirmala Rajasekar takes you on an exciting journey to southern India through music and storytelling. Practice singing simple melodic intervals (raga) and clapping polyrhythmic patterns(tala). Then work together as a group to learn songs based on a story from the Panchatantra, the Aesop Fables of India.

Painting & Printing on Fabric
Join artist Meg Erke to learn how to hand-paint and block print on cotton fabric. Inspired by the traditional art of Kalamkari from south India, create colorful wearable art that incorporates images of elephants, tigers, peacocks and more along with traditional patterning. Then wear your art to our Friday celebration. Additional $10 materials fee.

A Festival of Tigers
Pulikkali is a traditional art form in which people dress up as tigers. The word Pulikkali means “tiger play” or “tiger dance” and is part of the Onam Festival, a harvest festival, celebrated in the state of Kerala, southeast India. Join artists Julie and Gustavo Boada and create your own tiger mask, costume, and dance, performing tiger antics at our Friday informance.

Ganesh and Color Shadow Puppets
India has a rich history of shadow puppetry. Discover the gorgeous world of color shadow puppets working with artist Anne Sawyer-Aitch. Explore many stories of the Hindu God Ganesh, the little boy with a baby elephant head. Then learn how to make your own batik-like puppets and create a shadow show!

Traditions of India Through the Arts
Artist Shakun Maheshwari introduces you to India through art, dance, and story. Learn about traditional Indian dress, foods, celebrations and more. Then plan and create a colorful rangoli art work that incorporates traditional patterns and designs.

From Batiks to Dhurries
Work with an artist to explore several textile techniques from dyeing to weaving. First create a batik using a modified wax-resist technique and dyeing applied to cloth. Then create dhurrie placemats using a simple weft and warp weaving technique. Display your handiwork at our Friday celebration!

Toy Theater
Artists Julie Boada and Gustavo Boada tell stories from the Panchatantra, the oldest collection of Indian short stories. Each story teaches an important life lesson through animal fables. Create a miniature or toy theater, characters, and props to retell your favorite story from the Panchatantra.

The Art of Chess
Chess is perhaps India’s oldest and most loved indoor board game. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to design and create your own chess board and tokens based on the amazing wildlife and ocean life of southern India using sculpy, mosaic tiles, paints, mylars, and more. On the last day play a chess game with your classmates!

410 CLAY
Painted Ceramic Tiles
The art of painting on ceramic tiles originated in 15th century Portugal and traveled to India when the Portuguese settled in Goa, a region bordering the Arabian Sea. Known as Azulejo tiles, they are still created today. Work with artist Megan Monson to design and paint a tile series and mug using special paint

Week 2: Northern India JULY 16-20

Mithila Painting
Some of the best known Indian folk paintings are the Mithila paintings from the Madhubani region of Bihar state in northeast India. For centuries the women of Mithila have decorated the walls of their houses with these intricate paintings. Work with artist Karen Anderson to draw and paint your own Mithila inspired masterpiece.

Kathak Dance: the Storytelling Dance of North India
Music, hand gestures, facial expression, rhythm, footwork, pirouettes and body movements all come together to tell stories of Indian origin. Work with internationally recognized Katha dancer Rita Mustaphi to learn this traditional dance form coupled with Indian folk arts from Mehendi to Alpana.

Putting the Pieces Together
The Himalaya mountains are a geological wonder and the pride of India. Animals that inhabit the Himalayas include the illusive snow leopard and clouded leopard, as well as the Himalayan vulture, wild yak, red panda, wolf, blue sheep, and black bear. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn about Himalayan wildlife and habitat. Then create a mosaic tile of your favorite Himalayan animal. Additional $10 materials fee.

Marionette Puppets
Kathputli is the Indian name for “string puppet theatre.” Native to Rajasthan in northern India, it is the most popular form of Indian puppetry. Work with artists Julie and Gustavo Boada to create your own marionette puppet and join the ArtStart puppet troupe to retell a favorite Indian fable.

Traditions of India Through the Arts
Artist Shakun Maheshwari introduces you to India through art, dance, and story. Learn about traditional Indian dress, foods, celebrations like the Festival of Light or Divali, and the importance of the Ganges River considered the most sacred river in India. Create a mandala, henna art, and more.

506 CLAY
The Unforgettable Elephant
Elephants are not only a cultural icon in India and throughout Asia, they also help to maintain the integrity of the forest and grassland habitats. Learn about the environmental challenges Asian elephants face and what the people of India are doing about it. Work with artist Karen Anderson to create a clay sculpture, a container, and small amulet incorporating images of the Asian elephant. Additional $10 material fee.

Embroidery Moochi Aari Style
In India beaded embroidery, Moochi Aari or just Aari, is a popular way to decorate garments and other furnishings. Join artist Julie Boada as she teaches the technique of using a special needle to apply beads, pearls, and sequins to fabric. Then using the Aari technique create your own special Indian inspired design on fabric and wear it to our Friday informance.

India Is Tops!
A popular toy and musical improvisation come together in this dynamic class. The lattu or “the spinning top” is a popular toy and game played in many parts of India. Work with instrument maker and composer Douglas R. Ewart to create your own wooden top. Then use your top in a surprising way in an improvisational music composition performed with Ewart at our Friday informance. Additional $10 materials fee.

Metal Embossing
Rajasthan in northern India is the main center for brass engraving. Traditional designs and floral patterns are hammered or embossed on the surface of the metal. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn the technique of embossing. Then incorporate traditional Indian designs and create a beautiful photo frame or box wrapped in metal. Additional $10 materials fee.

Monuments & Temples
The Taj Mahal, known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, the Red Fort of Agra, as well as the Golden Temple, and Qutub Minar are all grand examples of the Mughal empire which ruled India for 200 years. Work with artist Gustavo Boada to unlock the wonders of these structures. Then design and construct a modern building incorporating your own ideas and unique elements from these buildings.

A Start with the Arts

Morning Sessions Only: 8:30-11:40 am
Tuition: $150/week
A Start With the Arts meets daily Monday-Friday and offers 4-5 year-olds the opportunity to work with art educator Majken Elsberry and guest artists from India to explore the art, culture, and wildlife of India through singing, movement, drama, art making and other hands-on activities. The program for pre-schoolers parallels the school-age program in theme and content, Southern India: July 9-13 and Northern India: July 16-20. A Start With the Arts children share their art work and perform at the Friday school-age informance.

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Adult & Teen Art Classes

Reuse, Repurpose, Upcycle
Spark Your Creative Flair!

An inspired series of classes for those who like a little guidance before they do-it-themselves! Taught by professional artists who help you imagine possibilities and demonstrate processes and techniques characteristic of certain materials, these classes are designed for success AND you create art that you proudly display or wear.

What better way to do your part in keeping discards and other materials out of the waste stream.

Unless otherwise indicated . . .
CLASS FEES: $22 for members and $27 for non-members
CLASS LOCATION: ArtScraps, 1459 St. Clair Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105
All materials provided by ArtStart’s ArtScrap Creative Reuse Materials and Idea Center, unless otherwise noted.

Expressly Personal

Using the Common Map as Art
Use a discarded map and turn it into a colorful work of art! Focusing on the lines and shapes that are most interesting to you on the map–a highway, a river, or another boundary–you use glue, oil pastel, and glittery mylar to create an abstract work of art.
DATES: Wed. May 30, ’18
TIME: 6:00-8:00 pm

Magic in the Garden
Create a magical space where fairies can live and play–a miniature garden! Fill the garden with objects so small, that a button becomes a table, a marble becomes a gazing globe, and a pebble becomes a stepping stone. Let your imagination take flight as you make your fairy garden.
DATE: Tuesday, May 8, ’18
TIME: 6:00-8:00 pm

Wooden Cigar Box
Record the memories you hold dearest in your heart through art. Bring treasured photographs, objects, notes and more. Then decoupage and decorate a wooden cigar box to hold your keepsakes. Wooden cigar boxes and other decorative materials provided.
DATE: Wednesday, March 21, ’18
TIME: 4:00-6:00 pm

For the Home

Paper Quilling
The art of quilling or the coiling and shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design has been around for hundreds of years. Join an artist and make your own special quill work, frame it, and display in your home. Frame not provided.
DATES: Thursday, February 15, ’18
TIME: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

The Vivid Vase
If you have a shelf full of clear glass vases that you have collected over the years, we have the perfect solution to giving them pizazz and new life! Work with artist Anne Sawyer-Aitch to add color and design using alcohol paints. You will be amazed at the outcome—good enough to give as a gift to someone special even without flowers!
DATES: Thursday, February 22, ’18
TIME: 6:00-8:00 pm

Chihuly Inspired
Save those plastic water bottles and other clear plastic containers that can be easily cut apart. Then bring them all to this class where you create a beautiful chandelier inspired by the art of Dale Chihuly fit to hang in any hallway. Bring your own plastic bottles and receive $5 off class tuition.
DATES: Tuesday, May 22, ’18
TIME: 6:00-8:00 pm


Memory Necklace
Do you have small treasures or pictures you have collected from trips, events or loved one? Learn simple jewelry techniques with artist Jeanette Dickinson and turn your mementos into a wearable keepsake. Bring in items no larger than 1” x 1”. Other art materials provided.
DATE: Thursday, March 15, ’18
TIME: 4:00-6:00 pm

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found around the world in many cultures. Come learn about the history and meaning behind the symbol of the Tree of Life with artist Jeanette Dickinson. Then using a wire construction method, create your own circular pendent Tree of Life. All materials provided.
DATES: Thursday, April 19, ’18
TIME: 1:00-3:00 pm

Japanese Shibori
Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson and learn about the ancient Japanese art form of shibori. First hand paint a silk scarf. Then use shibori binding and dyeing techniques to create wearable art with a flair. Additional materials fee $10.
DATES: Wednesday, March 28, ’18
TIME: 4:00-6:00 pm

Global Arts

The Mandala
Rocks come in all shapes and sizes. Choose your favorite river rock and using metallic and vibrant colored paint pens, create your own miniature mandala. Use as a paperweight, in the garden, or just a thing of beauty.
DATE: Monday, May 14, ’18
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Suminagashi means floating ink in Japanese, in this class we will cover everything from the ancient technique of grinding ink using an ink stone to creating decorated paper by floating ink on water and send you off with a bunch of ideas on how to use your beautifully decorated papers.
DATES: Tuesday, February 27, ’18
TIME: 5:00-7:00 pm

Medicine Bag
Join artist Armando Gutierrez G. and learn about the significance of the medicine bag to indigenous cultures. Then using leather, leather tools and beads create your own medicine bag. All materials provided.
DATES: Thursday, April 26, ’18
TIME: 5:00-7:00 pm

ArtCamp A La Carte

ArtCamp A La Carte for Adults.
Imagine giving yourself the gift of art. You choose the days that work best for you to explore materials and techniques that transform the white sheet of paper or canvas into a work of art from pen and ink to encaustic painting. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn basic art skills and techniques that you can apply to future creative projects.

CLASS FEES FOR ART CAMP: $30/class for members and $35/class for non-members
CLASS LOCATION: Mount Zion, 1300 Summit Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

Nature is an important theme in Japanese art. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn the traditional art of ink and brush painting or sumie.
DATE: Tuesday, April 3, ’18
TIME: 9:00 am – Noon

Join artist Jeanette Dickinson and learn the art of silk screen printing–an iconic look associated with artist Andy Warhol. Learn the basic techniques of cutting stencils, preparing screens, and printing without a press. Bring a clean, washed 100% cotton T-shirt to print on.
DATE: Wednesday, April 4, ’18
TIME: 9:00 am – Noon

Encaustic painting is the art of painting with hot beeswax combined with dry pigments to create a painting medium. The paint is applied hot and makes for a dramatic layered image into which objects and photographs can be added. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn the process and techniques of encaustic painting.
DATE: Thursday, April 5
TIME: 9:00 am – Noon

View Catalog



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Amazon Smile

Support ArtStart when you shop on Amazon!
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to ArtStart.​

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Bee House Art Competition

EcoArtsFest 2018 Bee House Art Competition

ArtStart in conjunction with Refuge Friends Inc., is seeking artists to create functional and artistic houses for Minnesota’s NATIVE BEES to be displayed in the Art Gallery at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, as art of ArtStart’s 2018 EcoArts Fest. Held on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 10am-3pm, the theme of this year’s EcoArts Fest is “Protecting Our Pollinators.”

The final artwork should reflect the following criteria:
• Considers best practices in the design and decoration of houses for Minnesota’s Native Bees (see attached information)
• Builds on the theme of the 2018 EcoArts Fest “Protecting Our Pollinators”
• Can be hung on a wall or securely stand in the exhibit space
• Can be listed for sale after the event by contacting the artist directly (optional)

On the day of the event the general public will vote on their favorite bee house. A team of Native Bee Biologists will also judge each entry based on the likelihood that native bees will successfully utilize the structure (See resources for artists*). Winners will be selected based on a combined score of artistry and attention to biological requirements. A cash prize will be awarded to the artist placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.


MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018:
Artist application to participate due by 5 pm to ArtStart

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2018:
Artists bring finished bee houses to MVNWR, 3815 American Blvd. E. Bloomington, MN for installation during the hours of 10 am-3:30 pm

SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2018:
Artist’s bee houses are judged by the Public and Native Bee Biologists to determine winners.

MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018:
Artists remove bee house art work from the MVNWR Gallery during the hours of 10:00 am-3:30 pm

Cash prizes will be awarded by ArtStart to artists placing 1st-3rd in the amount of $300, $225, and $150, respectively.

Questions, comments, or for more information contact: Carol Sirrine, Executive Director, ArtStart or Ph: 651-698-2787

Bee Resources for Artists

Minnesota is home to close to 400 species of native bees. About 30-40% of North American native bees are cavity nesters using hollow plant stems or holes in wood left by wood-boring beetles. You can attract these cavity nesting bees in a properly designed structure called a Bee House. Just like bird houses, different bee species have different preferences for hole diameter and length which must be taken into consideration when designing an artificial structure.

Please visit any of the following websites to research the requirements for the bee species of your choice. Keep in mind, just like a bird house, your design must provide for easy maintenance and cleaning. Your entry will be judged on how likely it is to attract and house your target bee species and how well it reflects an understanding of native bee preferences.

Chemically treated wood used anywhere in the design will disqualify your entry.

Links for information about bees native to Minnesota:

Artist Application to Participate
Please use this form to complete the following information and return to ArtStart by May 7, 2018.

I certify that chemically treated wood has NOT been incorporated into my Bee House entry

Please check one:

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Art and Creativity Camps for Teens

Camp Create

ArtStart’s 2018 Camp Create is geared for youth ages 13 years and older who want to explore their artist within as they work side-by-side with professional artists to create art inspired by a specific culture.

Summer 2018 Camp CREATE explores northern and southern India-its people, wildlife, and culture.The classes in this 4-day arts camp encourage participants to see people with new eyes, appreciate how interconnected we are as a people no matter where we live, and create memorable art work using a variety of materials, processes, and styles inspired by the cultures of India.

Scholarships available.

Mt. Zion
1300 Summit Ave.
Saint Paul, MN

Half Day: $130
Full Day: $240

MORNING SESSION 8:30-11:45 am

Folkarts of India
Artist Shakun Maheshwari takes you on a whirlwind tour of India through art, dance, and story. Learn about traditional Indian dress, foods, celebrations like the Festival of Light or Divali, and the importance of the Ganges River considered the most sacred river in India. Create a mandala, henna art, and more.

Artful Mapping of India
Work with artist Meg Erke to create your own map of India turning it into a colorful work of art! Focusing on the lines and shapes that are most interesting to you on the map–a highway, a river, or another boundary, you learn names of cities, rivers and other landmarks, experiment with a variety of collage materials and create your own personal map of India.


The Art & Science of the Top
A popular toy and musical improvisation come together as you learn about history, science, and art of the lattu or “the spinning top” with instrument maker and composer Douglas R. Ewart. After exploring the physics of the spinning top, create your own top out of a variety of found object materials that have the potential to spin. Then use your top in a surprising way in an improvisational music composition.

Shadow Puppetry of India
Artist Anne Sawyer-Aitch introduces the art, science, and history of shadow puppetry in India. Discover the gorgeous world of color shadow puppets and explore stories of the Hindu God Ganesh, the little boy with a baby elephant head. Then learn how to make your own batik-like puppets and create a shadow show!


Paying it Forward

One of the ways older ArtStart campers can turn their knowledge and skill learned in Camp CREATE into action, is to assist artists and staff as interns in ArtStart’s Passport to India camp for younger children ages 4-12 years. The internship program is for youth ages 13 years & older. Interns work side-by-side with professional teaching artists to assist in the classroom. There are 16 openings for full-day internships this year.

Interns receive $125 for one week of service. Interns can choose to intern the week of July 9-13 or July 16-20. Both new and returning interns must fill out an application to be considered for the internship, as well as register for Camp Create for the full day June 25-28, 2018.

Deadline to apply is April 27, 2018.

Finally, all interns must participate in a training on Monday, July 2 from 9 am to 3 pm at Mt. Zion Temple, Saint Paul to meet with artists and to help set up the camp.

Register for a full-day of Camp Create

• Fill out an internship application by April 30, 2017

• Be available from 8:15 am-4:15 pm daily to intern during the week you choose to participate (July 9-13 or July 16-20)

• Participate in intern training on July 2 from 9 am-3 pm


Handicap Accessible

ASL interpreter available upon request

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Birthday Parties

New! Saturday and Sunday birthdays now available for youth or adults!

Birthday Fun Begins at ArtStart’s ArtScraps!

If you want a creative, fun, memorable, rather trouble-free, birthday party-then try an ArtScraps Birthday Party.

Two hour party includes scrap invitations, the art project and a party favor bag for all participants to take home.

Cost: $185 for up to 10 children plus $15 for extra children
(no more then 12 children)
($25 non-refundable reservation fee included)

Please reserve party time 3 weeks in advance of selected date.
Party is for reserved time slot only. Please be prompt.

Please Contact Us to reserve your birthday party or call 651-698-ARTS

The following themes can be chosen:

Seed Mosaics
Fairytale fun
Frame Ups
Treasure Boxes
Creature Masks
Animal Shakers
2-D and 3-D Magnets
From Rockets to    Spaceships
Design Your Own Party
Bookmaking *
Castle in the Sky *
Inventors Workshop *

* ages 8 and up


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