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Summer Arts Camp St. Paul

July 10-14 & July 17-21, 2017

Grab your passport, 4-12 year olds, join ArtStart artists on an unforgettable
adventure to Africa through the arts!

The first week travel to the countries of Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal and experience community life. Work with artists and performers from those cultures, as well as experienced and skilled ArtStart teaching artists. Morning classes offer drawing, dioramas, drumming, dance, and drama. A highlight of the afternoon is stilt walking, an art form found throughout Africa.

The second week go on a Nature Safari to Sub Saharan East Africa! Through drawing and painting, mosaic work, book arts, and wearable art capture the beauty and wonder of the animals who live on the Serengeti and in the Indian Ocean. Highlights of the afternoon include Tinga Tinga painting, puppetry and storytelling, creating clay animals and tiles and more.

Pre-school children ages 4-5 years register for “A Start with the Arts” offered morning only both weeks.
Youth ages 13 years and older register for “Camp CREATE”, a studio-based camp offered June 19-22 with classes that parallel the theme of Africa.

Book Your Flight to Africa Through the Arts Now!

Register By Mail
Full Brochure

Ages 4-5: A Start with the Arts $145
Ages 6-12: Half Day: $150, Full Day: $295
Aftercare available until 5pm at $7.00/day

Friday, June 16, 2017 but classes fill very quickly. We support children attending camp with a friend and will place them in the same class. Half day offered both morning and afternoon. Class ratio: 1 teacher/15 students. Confirmation letters and directions sent out June 23, 2017. In addition, partial scholarships are available.

ArtStart Members*: Receive a 10% discount!

Cancellation Fees
June 5- July 1: 20% of registration fee forfeited
July 2- July 9: 50% of registration fee forfeited
July 10 or later: 100% of registration fee forfeited

Mount Zion
1300 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN

Lunch and Snacks
Full day students need to bring a lunch. Lunch is supervised. Children should also bring a morning and afternoon fruit break.

After Care
After care is supervised and unstructured so that children can relax. Children are free to bring games, or books and to make art on their own. If we show videos, we like to provide further learning about a culture through documentaries or stories. Extended day students should also bring an additional snack.

Each Friday family and friends of pre- schoolers and school age children are invited to attend ArtStart’s Informance where children share their art work and performances created throughout the week. A flyer will be sent home mid-week announcing the time and place of the Friday Informance.

WEEK ONE: JULY 10-14, 2017 COMMUNITY LIFE: Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal


Wildlife Of West Africa
Work with artist Felice Amato and learn skills in drawing and painting inspired by the wildlife who live in the forests, savanna and Ashanti uplands of Ghana. The hornbill, the colobus, the elephant and others come to life as you use pencil, craypas, and paint to capture the spirit of these amazing animals.

Of Gorillas And Other Primates
The country of Gabon, West Africa, is home to lowland gorillas, lemurs and other primates. About 85 percent of Gabon is covered by rainforest – a perfect habitat for primates. Learn about rainforest habitat, the community life of these primates and create a diorama of the rainforest with your favorite primates.

The Circle of Life
Master drummer Fode Bangoura from Guinea, West Africa, and dancer Whitney McCluskey combine their talents to take you on a whirlwind tour of Guinea. Learn about Guinean culture as you practice authentic African drumming and African dance patterns. Then perform at our community celebration.

Inspired By The Ashanti
Learn about the carved wooden masks of the Ashanti people of Ghana with artists Julie and Gustavo Boada. Create your own mask inspired by the Ashanti people using papier mache over a clay base. Then paint your mask and wear it to our community celebration.

Drama From Ghana And More
Actor T. Mychael Rambo takes the stage at ArtStart this summer! Work with T. Mychael to learn about the culture of Ghana through stories. Develop skills in voice production, characterization, and movement as you dramatize a favorite West African folktale. Then you take the stage at our community celebration!


The African Drum
Ghana Mbaye, master drummer from Senegal, West Africa teaches how to make an authentic African drum. He provides all of the materials shipped directly from West Africa for this amazing opportunity. Then join the drum circle and perform on your drum at our community celebration. Additional materials fee: $120

Adinkra Symbols Of Wisdom
Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Ashanti of Ghana and the Gyaman of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. Each symbol has a special meaning. Work with artist Anne Sawyer-Aitch to create adinkra designs and print them on cloth. Then wear your Adinkra to our celebration.

Of Colors And Patterns
The majority of beads in Ghana are made by the Ashanti and Krobo people in the Krobo region. Beads are worn in ceremonies, festivals and parades. Work with artist Julie Boada to create your own bead work using glass beads and seed beads. Additional materials fee: $10

Swings The Thing!
Popular swing dances like the Jitterbug and Hand Jive have their roots in the wide African diaspora. Dancer Christopher Yaeger shares the origin and history of these trends as you learn historic dance steps and popular dance rhythms. Then explore their influences in today’s dance and music. Dance, Improvise and Perform from the Jazz age to today.

WalkIng Tall
Stilt walking has been part of celebrations for millennia including many African celebrations. Walk tall and learn the art of stilt walking with artist Gustavo Boada. Then lead the ArtStart pageant into the community celebration. Limited to 12 students/age group.

WEEK TWO: JULY 17-21, 2017 ON SAFARI: Tanzania, Kenya and Beyond


A Nature Safari
Imagine you are on a nature safari to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. Working with artist Karen Anderson, learn about park wildlife – herds of wildebeests and zebras, magnificent elephants, lions, and giraffes. Then use a variety of drawing and painting materials to capture your trip on paper.

Putting The Pieces Together
Join naturalist Larry Wade and artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn about ocean life along coastal ecosystems of east Africa. Learn about mangrove forests, coral reefs, shark whales, stingrays, moray eels, and more. Then create a mosaic tile of your favorite animal. Additional materials fee: $10

Big & Small cats of Africa
The wild cats of Africa include big cats like the lion, cheetah and leopard as well as small wild cats such as the caracal, serval and black-footed cat. Work with artist Meg Erke to create your own personal Book of African Cats using a variety of art materials and have a roarin’ good time!

Safari Inspired-Wearable Art
Learn about the textiles of Tanzania and Kenya with an artist. Then using the fabric printmaking process, design and print your own fabric using animal and plant images of the forest, plains, and rivers of the region. Then proudly wear your art for our community celebration.

Leaping Leopards & Other Great Moves
Twist, run, leap! as you create your own dances inspired by the amazing wildlife of the Serengeti plain! Work alone and in groups as dancer Christopher Yaeger helps you choreograph your dances. Then perform for our community celebration.

The art work featured in this brochure is by children enrolled in previous ArtStart camps.


Tinga Tinga Style
Edward Tingatinga, a native of Tanzania, began a style of painting called Tinga Tinga in the 1960s, using vibrant colors, exaggeration, and repeated patterns. Much of his art was sold to tourists. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn about Tingatinga and create art inspired by this style.

Games & Dolls
Mancala is considered one of the oldest games in the world. Work with artist Megan Monson to create a Mancala board and play the game with friends. Then create a Ndebele doll, inspired by authentic Ndebele dolls made by the Zulu people of South Africa, and learn about its significance.

Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain
The Kapiti Plain is located in Kenya, Africa. Listen to the story Bringing Rain to Kapiti Plain. Work with artists Julie and Gustavo Boada to create puppets of the diverse wildlife of the Kapiti Plain and retell the story through puppetry and special sound effects.

The Gourd Rattle
Take a fascinating musical journey through Tanzania with composer and instrument builder Douglas Ewart. Make your own ikinyuguri or gourd rattle. Then turn it into a work of art through careful decoration using traditional patterns and motifs. Additional materials fee: $10

510 CLAY
Wildlife Of The Serenegti
Work with artist Karen Anderson to create a bas relief tile (ages 6-8 years) and a clay animal statue (ages 9-12 years) inspired by animals of the Serengeti. Work with a variety of clay tools and learn different clay techniques as you create your masterpiece. Additional materials fee: $10

A Start with the Arts

Morning Section: 8:30-11:40 am

Tuition: $145/week

A Start With the Arts meets daily Monday-Friday and offers 4-5 year-olds the opportunity to work with an artist and explore the art, culture, and wildlife of Sub-Saharan Africa through singing, movement, drama, art making and other hands-on activities.

The program for pre-schoolers parallels the school-age program in theme and content-West Africa July 10-14 and East Africa July 17-21. A Start With the Arts children share their art work and perform at the Friday school-age informance.

Camp Create for Teens
ArtStart’s Camp Create for Teens is geared for youth who want to explore their imagination through a variety of art media and gain new skills in making art.


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Adult & Teen Art Classes

Unlocking the Artist Within

View Full Winter / Spring Catalog
Registration Form
All art materials provided. CEU’s available for educators.
A new program of ArtStart, these classes are taught by artists on the ArtStart roster. Many processes and techniques can be adapted for teaching the project to youth and younger teens.
Teens ages 16+ receive a 25% discount on the class fee; educators a 15% discount.

Book ArtsPaste Paper and Japanese Side-sewn Books
Paste Paper is one of the oldest techniques used by book binders and artists to create decorative book covers and end pages, dating back to the 16th century. In first session artist Meg Erke helps you create a variety of decorative papers using this historic technique. In the second session you use your favorite papers to create a hard cover, hand bound book (a binding technique for an album, journal or sketchbook) using the Japanese Side Sewn technique. CEUs offered.
DATES: Wed. February 15 & 22
TIME: 6:15-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $52 member/ $64 non-member

The Art of the Altered Book
Working with artist Dixie Crabtree, transform the well- worn book into a one-of-a-kind journal using the technique
of gel printing, collage, and drawing. An exciting way to repurpose a discarded book, the journal makes a perfect gift for a friend or as a gift to yourself. CEUs offered.
DATE: Thursday, February 23
TIME: 6:15-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

Billions of Books
Artist Meg Erke covers basic book binding lingo and techniques from envelope binding to accordion binding to pocket bindings. Guided by Meg, you create small hand- bound books using these techniques. All materials provided. CEUs offered.
DATE: Thursday, April 6
TIME: 6:15-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

creativewritingCreative Writing for Experienced Poets
Poet Margaret Hasse facilitates this small writing workshop for experienced poets published or working toward publication. There are no openings in the class at this time. To be put on a waiting list contact Margaret Hasse.
DATES: Tuesdays in January-May
TIME: 7-9 pm
AGE: Adults
LEVEL: Experienced poets
FEE: $240/member for 8 sessions/ $255 non-member

Meet the Muse: A 2-Part Poetry Series
Join poet Marie Olofstotter for a series of poetry sessions for writers at all levels: meet the muse, explore your name, and capture a moment in your life. Through a playful approach to writing, participants will be guided in the creation of poems straight from the heart. We’ll use tools such as metaphor and anaphora (pattern) to create vivid and compelling pieces of writing. In the process we might discover, like famed poet Maya Angela, that “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” CEUs offered.
DATES: Thursdays, April 13 & 20
TIME: 7-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16 yrs+
FEE: $32 member/$44 non-member

Painting on Glass
Brought to the Americas by the Spaniards and Europeans, painting on glass is technique that has been used for centuries. Work artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn this specialized technique and create your own masterpiece. CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, March 8
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32/member/$44 non-member

Acrylic Painting for Beginners
An introduction to the basics of acrylic painting techniques with artist Jeanette Dickinson, this 2-session class focuses on color theory, brush techniques, design and composition. Paint, brushes, and canvas boards provided. CEUs offered.
DATES: Wednesdays, April 12 & 19
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $105/member/$117 non-member

Abstract Acrylic Painting
Work with artist Megan Monson to master how to use texture, Jeanette Dickinson Papenfuss masking, and mixed media as techniques to add dimension to your acrylic paintings. Then create three colorful 16×10 inch canvases using these techniques. Paint and brushes provided. CEUs offered.
DATES: Thurs., June 8 & 15
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: ArtStart
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
LEVEL: Beginning
FEE: $64/member/ $76 non-member

drawing Drawing From Nature: Plant Life
Experience new ways of seeing the world around you —especially the natural world. Join naturalist Larry Wade at Fort Snelling State Park where you learn how to identify plants that are edible or can be used for medicinal purpose. Then guided by artist Jeanette Dickinson apply your best observational skills and create a personal notated plant guide drawing from nature. All materials provided. CEUs offered.
DATE: Saturday, April 29
TIME: 9 am-Noon
LOCATION: Fort Snelling State Park
AGE: Adults
LEVEL: Beginner
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member (includes fee to enter Fort Snelling State Park)

Beginning Pastels: Bird Works
Work with artist Megan Monson and learn dry pastel techniques on the first day of class through creating a colorful nest with eggs. During the second class create a pastel work
of a Minnesota Bird of your choice. CEUs offered.
DATES: Thurs. May 11 & 18
TIME: 6:30-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults
LEVEL: Beginner
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

Pen and Ink Drawing
Work with artist and book illustrator, Jeanette Dickinson, and explore the art of illustration using pen and ink. Learn how to use different pens and papers, practice different techniques for shading, tone, value and texture, and create a series of illustrations. All materials provided. CEUs offered.
DATES: Wed., June 7 & 14
TIME: 1-3 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $64/member/ $76 non-member

Fiber Arts3Japanese Shibori
Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson and learn about the ancient Japanese art form of shibori. First handpaint a silk scarf. Then use shibori binding and dyeing techniques to create wearable art with a flair. All materials provided.
CEUs offered.
DATE: Tuesday, February 7
TIME: 6-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $42/member/ $54 non-member

Quilters of Gees Bend
Work with artist Robin Getsug to explore the brilliant, bold and dynamic quilts created by a group of women who live in the isolated, town of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Learn about the unique pattern and color choices and work on a mini hand-stitched quilt in the style of the women of Gee’s Bend. CEUs offered.
DATE: Tuesday, March 28
TIME: 6:30-9 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

Julie Boada introduces the art of beading. As a member of the Fond du Lac nation, Julie teaches how patterns and colors can reflect tribal and family affiliations. Then work with Julie to create your own beaded pouch. All materials provided.
CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, March 22
TIME: 6:15-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
LEVEL: Some experience with sewing
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

Jewelry Zing! Go the Strings of My Heart
Using recycled guitar, double bass, and violin strings create unique jewelry that resonates with the heart. Work with artist Dixie Crabtree to create your unique jewelry piece incorporating jewelry findings and beads. A perfect gift for that special friend.
CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, February 8
TIME: 6:15-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32/member/$44 non-member

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found around the world in many cultures. Come learn about the history and meaning behind the symbol of the Tree of Life with artist Jeanette Dickinson. Then using a wire construction method, create your own circular pendent Tree of Life. All materials provided. CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, May 31
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $52/member/$64 non-member


Memory Necklace
Do you have small treasures or pictures you have collected from trips, events or loved one? Learn simple jewelry techniques with artist Jeanette Dickinson and turn your mementos into a wearable keepsake. Bring in items no larger than 1” x 1”. Other art materials provided. CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, March 15
TIME: 1-3 pm
AGE: Adults
FEE: $32/member/ $44 non-member

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?
Join artist Ella Thomson in making elegant button necklaces this April. Learn basic jewelry-making techniques while re-purposing material in a creative way! Bring your own buttons from home, or purchase ours here.
All other supplies included in class price.
CEUs offered.
DATES: Tuesday, April 25
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32 member/ $44 non-member

Memory Boxes
Memory is the diary we all carry with us.
– Oscar Wilde. Artist Robin Getsug helps you record the memories you hold dearest to your heart. Bring treasured photographs, objects, notes as more. Then decorate a special container to hold these cherished moments. CEUs offered.
DATE: Thursday, February 16
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22 member/$34 non-member

Art from the Heart
Join Marie Olofsdotter for a session of card making! Make a pop-up card, a card with unique folds, a gift card; learn how to illustrate, collage, and embellish your cards in a multitude of ways. Come play with pens, papers and text, come for the love of creativity and fun. All materials are provided. CEUs offered.
DATE: Saturday, February 11
TIME: 10 am-Noon
AGE: Adults & Teens 16 yrs+
FEE: $22 member/ $34 non-member

Collage in the Style of Romare Beardon
Work with artist Robin Getsug and learn about the life and art of 20th Century poet and artist Romare Beardon. Then create socially conscious art from
your own life experience using collage technique that communicates a message through visual and written imagery. CEUs offered.
DATE: Tuesday, May 9
TIME: 6:15-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22/member/$44 non-member

Within and Without: Window to the Soul
Create a unique, personal art work that inspires conversation and serves as the focal point of a room or other space. Artist Meg Erke guides you through the creation of an original work of art using a vintage window frame, collage materials from personal letters, photos, postcards to maps, as well as paint and brushes. This is a 2-session class. All materials are provided. Limited to 5 participants. CEUs offered.
DATES: Thursday, May 25 & June 1
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $122/member/$134 non-member

printmaking 8Block Printing
Create, carve and print on textiles, paper and found objects. Artist Meg Erke covers the basics of composition, carving techniques, use of positive and negative space and printing on a variety of materials. This is a 2-session workshop; session one covers design and carving of print block and session two is printing using a variety of ink colors. Linoleum carving block, use of carving tools in class and printing paper included in fee. Bring your own textiles to print on for the second class session. CEUs offered.
DATES: Tuesdays, March 14 & 21
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Mount Zion, Room 104
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $42 member/$54 non-member

Mono Printing
Mono printing is a fun and creative way to explore the art of printing. Explore three different types of mono printing-sand paper transfer, direct plate transfers, and gelatin block-with artist Jeanette Dickinson.
CEUs offered.
DATE: Thursday, April 27
TIME: 1-3 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22 member/$34 non-member

Suminagashi: The Ancient Art of Paper Marbling
Suminagashi means floating ink in Japanese, in this class we will cover everything from the ancient technique of grinding ink using an ink stone to creating decorated paper by floating ink on water and send you off with a bunch of ideas on how to use your beautifully decorated papers. CEUs offered.
DATE: Wednesday, May 3
TIME:6:15-8:15 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $32 member/$44 non-member

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party
What do you get when you combine Gospel, Rhythm and Blues and Country? “Rock and Roll”! Come party down with Christopher Yaeger who provides insight into the times and impact of this music on dance, as you ‘rock around the clock!’ CEUs offered.
DATE: Thursday, February 9
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
LOCATION: Mount Zion (Johnson Hall)
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22 member/$34 non-member

A Panorama of European Dance
Grab your passport and discover Europe through dance. Dance instructor Christopher Yaeger helps you fill out your passport as you learn both country dances and dances of the royal court from countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Austria. Make sure to book your trip today! CEUs offered.
DATE: Tuesday, March 7
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
LOCATION: Mount Zionl (Johnson Hall)
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22 member/$34 non-member

Dance Hall Days
Follow dance instructor, Christopher Yaeger, as he takes you on a virtual journey through time from the dance halls of yesterday to today. See how far back you can dance your way through history! Styles include Swing, Disco and fad dances from the past century. CEUs offered.
DATE: Tuesday, May 23
TIME: 6:30-8:30 pm
LOCATION: Mount Zion (Johnson Hall)
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $22 member/$34 non-member

African Drumming
Work with master drummer, Ghana Mbaye from Senegal, West Africa and learn how to drum on authentic African drums, including the djembe. In this 3-session class you practice basic to complex polyrhythmic patterns and perform for friends and family at the last class. Limited to 15 participants. Drums provided. CEUs offered.
DATES: Thursdays, March 2, 9 & 16
TIME: 6:30-7:30 pm
AGE: Adults & Teens 16yrs+
FEE: $52/member/$64 non-member

Register Here
View Full Fall Catalog



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Earth Day Workshops

Join artist Ella Thomson on Friday evenings in April when families and friends can create wonderful and unique works of art inspired by nature and reuse.

CLASS CODE: No pre-registration necessary.
Friday, April 7-Backyard Birdfeeders
Friday, April 14-Spirit Stones
Friday, April 21-River Weavings

TIME: 6-8 pm
FEE: $10 member/$17 non-member

Even if you can’t make the workshops, just drop in and help us celebrate help us celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2017.

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Art and Creativity Camps for Teens

Camp Create 2017
ArtStart’s Camp Create is geared for youth ages 13 years+ who want to explore their artist within as they work side-by-side with professional artists to create art inspired by a specific culture.

Summer 2017 Camp Create explores Sub-Saharan Africa – its people, wildlife, and culture – focusing on Ghana, Guinea, and Senegal in West Africa and Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa in East Africa.

The classes in this 4-day camp encourage participants to see people with new eyes, appreciate how interconnected we are as people no matter where we live, and create art using a variety of materials, processes, and styles inspired by African culture.

Scholarships available.

MORNING SESSION 8:30-11:45 am
Of Murals, Clay Tiles, and Ecology
Artist Jeanette Dickinson and naturalist Larry Wade begin the tour of Sub-Saharan Africa through art making and ecology. First you learn about the wildlife and plants of the rainforest, grasslands, and savannas of West and East Africa and the impact of climate change on all living things in those regions. Next you paint a mural in the style of the Tinga Tinga artists of Tanzania and turn the mural into a series of talking images using the latest in conductivity technology. Then you segue into learning about ocean life along the shores of West and East Africa creating clay tiles of favorite ocean creatures.
Of Bead Arts, Masks, and Culture
Artist Julie Boada introduces the arts of beading and mask making inspired by both East and West Sub-Saharan Africa cultures. Using Krobo and seed beads you create both wearable and functional art inspired by cultural patterns and images. Next you learn about masks- what they represent and how they are used in a culture. Then using a clay and papier mache’ technique, you create your own contemporary mask.

Full Brochure & Mail in Registration
Location: Mt. Zion, 1300 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN
Cost: Half Day ($130) Full Day ($240)

Internship Program
One of the ways older ArtStart campers can turn their knowledge and skill learned in Camp CREATE into action, is to assist artists and staff as interns in ArtStart’s Passport to Africa camp for younger children ages 4-12 years. The internship program is for youth ages 13 years & older. Interns work side-by-side with professional teaching artists to assist in the classroom. There are 6 openings for full-day internships this year.

Interns receive $125 for one week of service. Interns can choose to intern the week of July 10-14 or July 17-21. Both new and returning interns must fill out an application to be considered for the internship, as well as register for Camp Create for the full day June 19-22, 2017.

Internship Application form.
Deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.
Finally, all interns must participate in a training on Thursday, July 6 from 9 am to 3 pm at Mt. Zion Temple, Saint Paul to meet with artists and to help set up the camp.

Register for a full-day of Camp Create
• Fill out an internship application by April 30, 2017
• Be available from 8:15 am-4:00 pm daily to intern during the week you choose to participate (July 10-14 or July 17-21)
• Participate in intern training on July 6 from 9 am-3 pm

Handicap Accessible

ASL interpreter available upon request


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Exhibits In The Art Gallery

Shelley Rohlf
Rosie Amato Bauer and Felice Bauer
Jeanette Dickinson Papenfuss

Shelley Rohlf
JANUARY 22-MARCH 3, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, January 22 From 1- 4 pm
Shelley Rohlf is an artist working in Lowertown, Saint Paul. Her paintings and drawings are imaginative interpretations of the natural world with an affinity toward folk, pop, and street art.

Rosie Amato Bauer and Felice Bauer
MARCH 12-APRIL 14, 2017
A mother-daughter fairytale collaboration.

Jeanette Dickinson Papenfuss
APRIL 23-MAY 26, 2017
Jeanette Dickinson Papenfuss is drawn to paths, portals and doorways. They parallel life’s journey and evoke questions, ‘Which path to travel? Which door to chose? What will be revealed?’ Through her art Dickinson Papenfuss expresses the transformative power that each holds as she passes through to new beginnings.

Held at:
ArtStart ArtGallery
1459 St. Clair Avenue, St. Paul

From I-94 take the Snelling Avenue exit south to St. Clair Avenue.

Turn left at the intersection of Snelling and St. Clair Avenue and go two blocks east.
The building is on the north corner of St. Clair and Pascal.

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Repurpose & Refresh


ArtStart has just the ticket!

New!We provide the artist, a project of your choice, and access to any of the fabulous repurposed materials in the ArtScraps store for you and your guests to use for your projects.

You provide the adult beverages and refreshments and relax for 2 hours as you make art.

BASIC FEE: $75 plus $12/person for up to 12 participants. ArtStart members take 10% off when registering.

Book your workshop now, call 651-698-2787 or contact Cindy

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Become A Member


We hope you will consider becoming a charter member of our organization!
In return you will receive a number of special benefits available only to our members. These include:


  • • Reduced tuition on all art classes for adults and teens
  • • 10% off on all creative material purchases from ArtStart’s ArtScraps
  • • 10% off the total cost of a Repurpose and Refresh workshop
  • • 10% discount on tuition for Camp Create for Teens and Passport to the Arts for Youth Ages 4-12 years

Just choose the level of membership that best fits your pocketbook, fill out the ArtStart Membership Form , and join today!


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School Residency Program

Sparking Creativity
School Residency Program
school residency

ArtStart’s artist-in-residence program focuses on unlocking each individual’s creative artist within. You can count on an ArtStart artist to spark creativity, engage students in the artistic process, and deepen learning as they create or perform.
Founded in 1988, the mission of ArtStart is to inspire artistic creativity and illuminate the connections among people, ideas and the environment through engaging artists, children, families, and communities in quality arts education experiences. Our motto is “reusing and re-imagining our community.”Book an ArtStart Residency Here

Whether exploring the relationship of the arts to ecology or culture or deepening a skill in an art form, an ArtStart residency is designed to encourage:

Creativity, The ability to combine existing knowledge or understanding in new and interesting ways to create innovative works of art; the imaginative idea; a unique personal expression.

CRAFTSMANSHIP, The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry; art that takes your breath away.

Protecting the environment through recycling/reuse, conservation, regeneration and restoration; creating art linked to the study of ecology; artful reuse.

CULTURAL AWARENESS, Drawing inspiration from the traditions and beliefs of different cultures that informs the creation of an art work; discovering beauty in the art of different cultures.

COLLABORATION, Working together with someone to produce or create something; the teacher-artist team; art projects that require communication and decision-making.

CELEBRATION, Honoring or acknowledging a special event, activity and/or person; a student art exhibit, a classroom sharing or a public performance— like ArtStart’s EcoArts Fest!

More resources from ArtStart . . .
Professional Development for Educators
In addition to the unique job-embedded professional development opportunity offered through working collaboratively with an artist in your classroom, ArtStart also offers:

  • • customized workshops for teams of teachers or your entire staff using the combined expertise of ArtStart staff and the Artist to Artist network from half-day to week-long workshops.
  • • customized coaching as part of your extended in-depth residency experience-do you want to fine tune your assessment strategies? reach more students? write better curriculum? an experienced coach can support your efforts.

Artist Roster
The artists who are on our roster hold values similar to the organization, that is the commitment to inspiring creativity through quality arts experiences. Roster artists value both process and product in the act of creating a work. They encourage exploration and refinement of ideas, as well as careful craftsmanship. They emphasize the historical and cultural context of art work and use this knowledge as an underpinning for the art project. Finally, they understand the importance of active reflection on art.


Susan ArmingtonSusan Armington PAINTING • MIXED MEDIA
Susan Armington, B.A., Brown University, M.S. Cornell University) is a visual artist who works in painting, mixed media, and imaginative mapmaking. She loves making things of all sorts, and has made collages a big as an elephant and as small as a peanut. She often builds miniature worlds in pop-out “map boxes” or intricate collage maps with writings in them.. She is a roster artist for COMPAS’ Writers and Artists in the Schools Program and has led workshops statewide, as well as at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Walker Art Center. She originated the Talking Suitcases project which she leads with people of all ages. In this project participants create handmade objects that fit into a suitcase and are used for telling a story. In 2012 she completed a set of ten life-size painted wooden figures of youth .with dreams on their backs for the International Labour Office in Geneva,
Switzerland. She is the recipient of three Minnesota State Arts Board“Artist Initiative” grants, in 2004, 2009 and 2013.
Gustavo Boada Gustavo Boada PUPPETRY • MASKMAKING
Gustavo Boada is a theater-based multidisciplinary artist with more than 20 years of working in professional theater in Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is well known for his work with traditional dance and performance masks, as well as designing and building puppets, performance structures and set design. While living in Peru, Gustavo had the opportunity to be part of one of the most important Peruvian and Latin American theater groups of the last century,
Yuyachkani. In 1997-1998 he was invited by Peter Schumman to work in Bread and Puppet Theater. In 2003 he founded the NAYLAMP Street and Puppet Theater in North Philadelphia. In 2007 he was invited by Heart of Beast Masque and Puppet Theater to be part of their May Day staff. He has settled in Minneapolis and is working as an artist in the community and schools.

Julie Kastigar Boada is an Anishinabe artist, storyteller, puppeteer and art educator. She has worked regionally and nationally for the past 18 years, both with Heart of the Beast Masque and Puppet Theatre and independently. She has worked with include the L.A. Music Center, The Minnesota History Center, and The Fergus Falls Center for the Arts. Recent work includes A Company of Angels, La Bafana, On the Day You Were Born, Coyote Stories, Retelling the World and May Day. Julie has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and Jerome Foundation. Julie has a B.A. in Studio Arts and American Indian Studies from the University of Minnesota. She is passionate about work that
fosters cultural pride and value.
Rebekah Crisanta Rebekah Crisanta Visual Art • Music • Performance
Rebekah Crisanta is a multidisciplinary post-modern folk artist. She works in visual art, music, and performance. Crisanta studied studio art at St. Olaf College and folk art at Holtekilen Folkehøgskole in Norway, and is both self-taught and family-taught in traditional art techniques. She is also a Mexica/Azteca dancer, a musician of the band Lady Xok, curator of Dimensions of Indigenous at Intermedia Arts, and Arts Director of the non-profit Ce Tempoxcalli. She is a founder of the Xican@ arts collective Electric Machete Studios on St. Paul’s West Side. She is currently working on the MN Flute Project- Ce In Yollotl In Tlapizalli for the revitalization of pre-Columbian clay instruments and music funded by a Folk & Cultural Arts grant by the MN State Arts Board.

Jeanette Dickinson Jeanette Dickinson Sculpture • Painting • Illustration • Printing
Jeanette Dickinson has varied experience in the visual arts including sculpture, painting, illustrating, and printing. She has also been a member of the Minnesota Japan America Sumi-e Club since 2001. She received BA in art with a focus on sculpture, from the University of Minnesota. Jeanette has works in private collections, and recently illustrated the book, Nature Seeker Workbook. She has worked with children and adults of all ages making art. Her major focus in teaching has been combining art, nature and culture. “It is my belief that bringing art to a community is an expression of how we perceive, respond and record the world around us. We share in a moment of creation our thoughts, feelings and history as an individual and as a society.”
Meg ErkeMeg Erke Painting • Collage • Book Artist
Meg Erke is a painter, collage and book artist and art educator. Before working as a professional artist, Meg was a visual arts teacher in middle and high schools. Meg loves taking old discarded things like windows, old books, maps, and fabric and bringing new life to them through art. In addition to working with youth, Meg has developed and implemented art lessons in a variety of mediums for adults with developmental disabilities.

Marjorie FedyzynMarjorie Fedyzyn VISUAL ARTIST
Marjorie cultivated her interest in art and the creative process from working along side her handy father and from her mother who has a wonderful sense of aesthetics. Growing up on Lake Erie, Marjorie loved to collect the gifts from the lake washed upon the shore and would marvel at each precious piece of glass, stone, shell or stick. Constructing installations of driftwood, seaweed, bricks and black slate, and knowing how temporary they were was the foundation for her love of nature and the joy of creating things by hand. Her own personal artmaking as a fiber artist is nestled in the art of wool felting. Marjorie’s goal as a teaching artist no matter what the art material or art form is to inspire and nurture each child’s creative capacity.
Armando GutierrezArmando Gutierrez G. PAINTING • SCULPTURE • CERAMICS
Armando Gutierrez G. is a versatile artist working in various mediums. Known primarily as a painter/muralist, he is also a performer and musician creating and playing pre-Columbian instruments of Mexico. He is founder and former executive director of CreArte Chicano Latino Arts Center and Museum. Gutierrez also was instrumental in the development of El Colegio, a charter high school serving Latino students in south Minneapolis. He is the recipient of the Leadership Initiatives in Neighborhoods (LIN) grant from The St. Paul Companies (Travelers), the U.S. Bank Sally Ordway Irvine Award for initiative in the arts, and the Jerome Foundation Travel and Study grant, and two Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Assistance grants and a Cultural Collaboration grant. Currently, Gutierrez is working with ArtStart on an ongoing basis in youth development and teacher staff development.

Jennifer Kiel Jennifer Kiel VISUAL ARTIST • ARTS EDUCATOR
Jennifer is a teaching artist with over ten years professional teaching experience in the Minnesota Public School system. In the classroom, Jennifer is known for her ability to connect with and engage students, as well as maintain organization and classroom management. She has experience teaching and working with a wide variety of art mediums – her favorite is clay sculpture. Beyond the public school classroom, Jennifer has travel and teaching experience in thirteen countries including Peru, Cameroon and the Czech Republic. She often draws on those experiences to enrich her lessons and her own artwork.
Shakun Maheshwari Shakun Maheshwari

Shakun Maheshwari is a visual artist who specializes in photography, graphic design, henna art, painting, and textiles. Her residency work with students meshes her Indian heritage with contemporary life—a blend of folk art and graphic design, traditional styles with modern materials, impermanent with permanent. While she often teaches and demonstrates the traditional techniques of henna, rangoli, and batik, she also enjoys applying the designs and techniques in inventive ways. She has taught students from pre-k through senior high, from special needs to advanced adult artists. Her greatest satisfaction comes from passing on her cultural and artistic knowledge to the next generation.

Marie Olofstodder Marie Olofstodder BOOK ARTS • POETRY • ILLUSTRATION
Marie Olofstodder is a Swedish-born artist living in Minneapolis. Her books for children have been honored by a Midwest Book Achievement Award, a Benjamin Franklin Award, and a Minnesota Book Award. Marie’s poems have appeared in several online journals and she is the recipient of a Loft Mentor Series Award in Poetry. Her grants include a 2013 MSAB Artist Initiative Grant, and she created the Official 2013 Minnesota State Fair Commemorative Art. Marie’s work as a teaching artist has inspired young and old alike for the last 20 years.
Anne Sawyer-Aitch Anne Sawyer-Aitch PUPPETRY • MASKMAKING • TEXTILES
Anne Sawyer-Aitch, (pronounced like the letter “H”) Visual Artist, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Latin American Studies, with emphasis in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Graduating with Distinction. Anne has worked as a puppeteer, arts educator, and stilt walker for many Twin Cities groups, including In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, Open Eye Figure Theatre, the Ordway, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Chicks on Sticks, ArtStart, and the Minnesota Zoo. Recently, she wrote and illustrated her first children’s book, Nalah and the Pink Tiger, (Scarletta Press, 2012). She is touring the puppet show version the book around the state, performing in both English and Spanish. Her second book, Nalah Visits Mad Mouse City was published late in 2014.

Larry Wade Larry Wade NATURALIST
Larry Wade, naturalist, has been a student of nature since 3rd grade. After 20 years of professional work as a naturalist and teacher in public schools, Larry recently completed Nature Seeker Workbook, a resource for teachers and kids. For the past 4 years, Larry has written a nature blog about local happenings in the Twin Cities ( to moving to Minnesota, Larry was a marine biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service. He has written two books on the subject: Whales in the Classroom, Oceanography and Getting to Know the Whales.


Born in Jamaica, is a professional musician, composer, and instrument builder. He is an adjunct music professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago. His appearances in the Twin Cities and Chicago are met with rave reviews by the contemporary music community in which Ewart showcases his musical and instrument construction skill performing/improvising on instruments he builds using a variety of recycled and salvaged materials. Ewart is much sought after artist-in-residence in the schools and has taught in ArtStart’s summer interdisciplinary arts program since its inception in 1992.
Linda Hashimoto Linda Hashimoto JAPANESE DANCE • JAPANESE FOLKARTS
Linda Hashimoto is the founder and instructor of Sansei Yonsei Kai Japanese children and
adult dance group. She is very active in the community serving as vice-president of Saint Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee and she serves on the advisory board of the Pan Asian Dance Festival and the St. Paul Foundation Asian Pacific Endowment. She is the cultural performance chair of the Dragon Festival and performs each year with Sansei Yonsei Kai at ArtStart’s EcoArts Fest.

Ghana Mbaye Ghana Mbaye African DRUMMER • PERFORMER
Ghana was born in Senegal, West Africa. His music is inspired by the spiritual songs and rhythms of the Baye Fall, a unique group within the Muslim religion, characterized spiritually by their dedication to hard work, education and tranquility. Ghana performs with various world music groups around the Twin Cities. Since moving to the United States in 2000, he has committed his life to teaching African drumming, dance, and customs to children in and around the Twin Cities. Learning to play the drum takes a great deal of energy and concentration, both qualities that help students become better learners. Ghana is a dynamic teacher who raises the energy level of the classroom to new heights.
Marciano Silva Dos Santos Marciano Silva Dos Santos CREATIVE MOVEMENT/DANCE • CHOREOGRAPHY
Marciano Silva Dos Santos is a native of Brazil, Founder, Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Contempo Physical Dance based in Minnesota. He studied theater and dance at FAFI, a professional performing arts school in Vitória, Brazil. In 2006 he was recognized by the American Folkloric Society as a Brazilian folk artist of unique and exceptional ability, and since that time he has been sharing his expertise with the Minnesota dance community. Through an invitation by Patrick Scully of Patrick’s Cabaret and Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands, he joined TU Dance, led by Toni and Uri, where he was a company member for five years. He also danced for Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater and in Penumbra Theatre’s Black Nativity. He was named “Best Dancer” by City Pages in 2009 and “one of the most graceful movers on any Twin Cities stage” by the Star Tribune in 2010. Marciano Silva dos Santos teaches dance technique based on his movement technique, a Brazilian art form that fuses Afro-Brazilian dance, contemporary dance and capoeira.

Christopher Yaeger Christopher Yaeger CREATIVE MOVEMENT/DANCE • CHOREOGRAPHY
Christopher Yaeger has played a variety of roles in dance and theater since his early school days. As an independent teaching artist, he works in schools and performs on stages across the globe including the Twin Cities, Budapest, Prague, Las Vegas, and Seoul. He is an ACE dance specialist with the Perpich Center for Arts Education. The ACE Dance Program trains teachers to use dance as a distinct area of study, as well as integrate it with other subject areas. He is also the Director of Dance Hall Days Dance Company and is a featured artist on the Young Audiences and Minnesota State Arts Board rosters, as well as ArtStart.

Book an ArtStart Residency Here

Types of Residency Programs
School Residency
Standard Artist Residencies
ArtStart artist residencies are opportunities for learners to work side by side with a teaching artist in a selected art form. Generally the residency is completed over 4-5 consecutive days.

Extended In-Depth Artist Residencies
ArtStart extended in-depth artist residencies offer more time for learners (6 days or more) to work side by side with an artist in a selected art forms—from papier mache puppets to clay to drawing to poetry to dance and music—in order to experience the rigors of a specific artistic discipline and its full artistic
process. Extended residencies can support specific curricular National Endowment for the Artsgoals of a classroom and can be as collaborative as you wish.

Customized Artist Residencies
ArtStart recognizes that not all schools are able to accommodate a standard 5-day artist residency or extended indepth artist residency. ArtStart staff are ready to customize a residency based on a specific theme, cultural emphasis or time limitation.

ArtStart’s goals are to:
1. Provide integrated arts and education opportunities that engender knowledge and appreciation of art, culture and the environment among teachers and students in schools and summer programs;

2. Model good stewardship of the environment by recycling materials for creative use throughout the 7-country Metro area;

3. Enable young people and families, especially those without adequate prior access, to participate in art-making using recycled materials through classes, opportunities at community festivals, partnerships with schools and social service agencies; and,

4. Support artists’ creativity and capacity to link art with environmental, cultural and educational issues by providing materials, employment, training and commissions.

All of ArtStart’s core programs and special projects support the mission, and include a unique blending of human creativity in the arts, and reusing materials to contribute to awareness and protection of the environment. People from throughout the 7-county Metropolitan area participate in ArtStart programs. During 2015 over 6,000 families, artists, and teachers were customers of ArtScraps Creative Materials Reuse Center; over 23,000 children and adults engaged in community workshops or formal instruction through our school residencies, summer interdisciplinary arts camps and our ScrapMobile Community Workshops; and, over 2,500 people participated in our EcoArts Festival. ArtStart has made several important contributions to the field of interdisciplinary arts education. Funded by the Metropolitan Council, ArtStart developed River EcoJourneys, an interdisciplinary arts and environmental curriculum for grades 3-8. Hamline University selected this curriculum as the foundational document for its Mississippi River Grand Excursion Curriculum Resource Trunk and disseminated it to 439 Midwest schools. ArtStart was awarded the 3M Innovation Award for our EcoArts Festival in 2008.

For more information or to book an ArtStart Residency Please contact Carol Sirrine or call 651-698-2787

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from  the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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ArtStart’s Board is currently looking for new members to diversify our membership. We are seeking thoughtful and highly motivated individuals to contribute to the successful implementation and advocacy of our mission: to inspire artistic creativity and illuminate the connections among people, ideas and the environment through engaging artists, children, families, and communities in quality arts education experiences. Our goal is to create a board that reflects the diversity of our community and encourage applicants of diverse culture, gender and age to apply. Applicants should have a passion for the arts and experience in one or more of the following: advocacy, public relations, and/or finance.Apply Online Here


ArtStart Board Member Position Description

  • 1. Attend and contribute positively to monthly board meetings.
        We currently meet at ArtScraps on the third Thursday of the month from 5:50 – 6:30 p.m.
  • 2. Join, participate, and advocate as a participant in one of the committees listed below:
    • a. Community Engagement
    • b. EcoArtsFest
    • c. Marketing and Fundraising
  • 3. Be an ambassador for the mission of the organization.
  • 4. Volunteer at least five additional hours of your time at various events, classes or at ArtScraps
        Storefront throughout the year.
  • Membership is on a volunteer basis.
    For more information about ArtStart’s Board please contact board member Sabrina Sutliff-Gross.

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    About ArtStart

    Founded in 1988, ArtStart presents a multicultural, interdisciplinary view of the world through art classes and special programs focusing on the connection between humans and their environment. ArtStart draws on a pool of artists and arts educators who focus on process as well as product. These artist/educators emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, esteem building and citizenship along with learning in and through the arts. The mission of ArtStart is to inspire artistic creativity and illuminate the connections among people, ideas and the environment through engaging artists, children, families, and communities in quality arts education experiences.

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