EcoArts Fest May 14, 10-3

Full Fest Schedule Directions & Parking

EcoArts Fest sponsored by

For more information contact: Carol Sirrine or call 651-698-2787

This is an opportunity for your company or organization to be showcased in support of an event that truly provides a benefit to the Twin Cities metro community, youth and families.
All support funds will be applied toward the operating costs of the event, including school residencies and other educational workshops. Donations are tax deductible for your company.

EcoArts Fest Celebrates Creativity, Culture, and Conservation on May 14
With activities by Arbor Month, Wishes for the Sky, and many more.
Closing performance by the Saint Paul Civic Symphony.

(St. Paul, MN) March 7, 2016 — ArtStart’s EcoArts Fest, now in its ninth year, is a one-day outdoor arts, environmental, and cultural celebration at Harriet Island in St. Paul. This free, family friendly, zero waste event celebrates and honors our ties to one another and to Mother Earth. The festival engages kids and adults with fun activities that shed light on environmental issues through art making and show ways individuals can create change.

This year, Saint Paul Civic Symphony will perform composer Steven Heitzeg’s “Tin Forest” to close the event with stilters Chicks on Sticks and puppetry by Julie and Gustavo Boada.

EcoArts Fest welcomes two new partners this year – Wishes for the Sky and Arbor Month. Together the partners are forging one of the most dynamic family-oriented events in the Twin Cities, showcasing the brilliance of young minds and hearts when given the opportunity to learn and act on behalf of issues impacting the environment and all living things.

Arbor Month will engage kids in tree and art activities, the Arborators Band will play in the opening pageant, kids will meet Smokey the Bear and learn about urban trees as homes for our birds.
Wishes for the Sky, a public art project led by Marcus Young, is an experiential public art project celebrating the arrival of spring, environmental sustainability, and personal and collective wish-making. Families will have the opportunity to make a wish for the earth, write it on a kite, and fly the kite at the event.

EcoArts Fest’s environmental focus is on the Mississippi River as a flyway to the south. The festival explores environmental changes along the river and migration shifts and habitat loss of birds, monarch butterflies, bees, and more. Naturalist Larry Wade provides curriculum for students in residencies and their art reflects their environmental observations.

EcoArts Fest activities are created with residencies, workshops, and programming in the community with artists and naturalists months in advance of the celebration. The day is a culmination of these activities and showcases the art, music, dance, and performances of youth and adults in response to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world and our place in it. Topics explored through community workshops and school residencies include watershed stewardship, impact of deforestation along the Mississippi River flyway, developing green schools and alternative energy sources, and environmental sustainability through reuse, reduce, recycle.

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