EcoArts Fest June 2, 2018. 10-3

Schedule for the Day

10:00 am
Opening Pageant: Pageant begins led by Batucada do Norte Sidewalk in front of MVNWR

Gather for the opening parade and pageant featuring students from Twin Cities schools and their Pollinator Puppets, Chicks on Sticks Stilters, and artists Julie Boada, Gustavo Boada, Anne Sawyer-Aitch, Jeanette Dickinson, Meg Erke, and more!


“Music Takes Flight” Concert
Saint Paul Civic Symphony
Indoors-Lower Level MVNWR

Saint Paul Music Academy Choir
11:15 – 3:00

Hands-on Art Activities Open
Indoors-Lower Levels & Classrooms


Kuyayki Peru
MN-Peruvian Dancers

Japanese Drum
Ensemble Auditorium

Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli
Intergenerational Mexica Dancers


Sansei Yonsei Kai-Intergenerational
Japanese Dance Auditorium

Ghana Mbaye – African Drumming

Nature Activities

Tour the Pollinator GardenAttend a science and art workshop on bees with (Bee Citizen Science and Art)

Enjoy artist-created Bee Houses in the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge gallery

Learn about Monarch butterflies at the Monarch Butterfly Shanty

Create pollinator garden seed balls

Humming for Bees: learn how to create a bee friendly backyard


Listen to the Saint Paul Civic Symphony Concert “Music Takes Flight”

Food Trucks or bring a picnic

A zero-waste event


Hands-On Art Activities

Make a Monarch seed container

Create a bee-utiful bee bonnet

Make bee and butterfly origami

Design your own pollinator tote bag

Write a poem about your favorite pollinator

See the “Home Is Where the Bees Are” Art Exhibit

Cultural Dances and Music Performances

St. Paul Music Academy

Kuyayki Peru – MN – Peruvian Dancers

Taikollaborative – Taiko Drummers

Kapulli Yaocenoxtili – Aztec Dance and Drumming

Sansei Yonsei Kai – Japanese Dancers

Ghana Mbaye African Drum Ensemble

Now in its 11th year, the EcoArts Fest is a one-day outdoor arts, environmental, and cultural celebration at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Set overlooking the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, this free, family friendly, zero waste event features interactive art and nature activities for all. EcoArts Fest engages kids and adults with fun activities that shed light on environmental issues through art making and show ways individuals can create change. Conveniently located on the Blue Line at the American Blvd. stop.

EcoArts Fest’s environmental focus is protecting our pollinators: bees, butterflies, and birds. The festival explores environmental changes and habitat loss of birds, monarch butterflies, bees, and more.

EcoArts Fest activities are created with residencies, workshops, and programming in the community with artists and naturalists months in advance of the celebration. Naturalist Larry Wade provides curriculum for students in residencies and their art reflects their environmental observations.

The day is a culmination of these activities and showcases the art, music, dance, and performances of youth and adults in response to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world and our place in it.

EcoArts Fest sponsored by

For more information contact: Carol Sirrine or call 651-698-2787
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