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  • Camp Create : JUNE 24-27, 2019

    For youth ages 13 years+

    Half Day: $140, Full Day: $260
    Partial scholarships are available.
    Daily 9:00-3:30

    Complete one registration per child.

    Morning: 9:00–12:00 am

    Kahlo: A Woman Surrealist
    Frida Kahlo considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists is known as a surrealist painter. Her self-portraits are bold and vibrant filled with symbolism and hidden meaning. Work with artist Karen Anderson to learn about Kahlo’s life and ideas and how to unlock her beautiful works of art. Then draw and paint your own self-portrait incorporating imaginative images and symbolism meaningful to you on canvas board.

    Creatures Out of a Dream
    The Zapotec people, indigneous to the southern state of Oaxaca, are known for wooden carvings of animals or alebrijes. A cross between real and legendary beasts, alebrijes are painted with brilliant colors in the Oaxacan folk art tradition. Work with artist Laurie Witzkowski to create your own alebrijes out of paper mache and paint your creature with vibrant colors.

    Afternoon: 12:30–3:30pm

    Danza de los Viejitos
    Danza de los Viejitos is a traditional Michoacan folk dance in which dancers dress and move as old men. Work with artist Gustavo Boada to create an old man mask with intricately carved features. Next design your costume–a colorful poncho and sombrero decorated with ribbons. Add a cane, learn the movements, and take the stage!

    A Good Yarn
    Nierikas are traditional yarn paintings made by the Huichol people and are both functional and beautiful. Natural glue, made from tree resin and beeswax, is applied to a board. The yarn is pressed into it and left to harden. Designs and symbols on the Nierikas are based on the natural world. Work with artist Julie Boada to create your own Huichol yarn painting.
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Camp Create
JUNE 24-27, 2019

Mount Zion Temple
1300 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

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