Summer Arts Camp St. Paul

Passport to Brazil
From the Amazon to the Atlantic

July 6-10 and July 13-17, 2015

Join ArtStart artists for a dynamic and fun-filled exploration of Brazil, one of the most diverse and spectacularly beautiful countries in South America. Designed for youth ages 4-12 years, Passport to Brazil immerses youth in the arts, culture, and ecology of this vast country—from the Amazon River basin to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Youth select classes taught by professional artists from multiple arts disciplines— music, creative movement/dance, and visual arts. As a result of participating in this 5-day immersion experience, youth gain artistic knowledge and skills, learn about the people, geography and environment of a place and create art works and performances inspired by the culture. On the last day youth showcase all they have created at the Friday informance for family and friends.

Pre-school children ages 4-5 years register for “A Start with the Arts”. Youth ages 13 years and older register for “Camp CREATE”, a studio-based camp with classes that parallel those offered for ages 4-12 years.

Mount Zion, 1300 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul.
Two courses = half day $145
Four courses = full day $270
Extended Day $7/day Available until 5 pm.
Limited scholarships are available.
Registration Form
Full Brochure
Artist Roster

Lunch and Snacks
Full day students need to bring a lunch. Lunch is supervised.
Children should also bring a morning and afternoon fruit break.

After Care
After care is supervised and unstructured so that children can relax. Children are free to bring games, or books and to make art on their own. If we show videos, we like to provide further learning about a culture through documentaries or stories. Extended day students should also bring an additional snack.

Each Friday family and friends are invited to attend our Informance and Art Gallery where children perform, exhibit their art work, and share their learning. Morning and afternoon informances for school age and preschoolers.

July 6-10, 2015 AMAZON ADVENTURE At One with Nature MORNING CLASSES :30-11:45 am

401 Instrument Making
Rainforest Soundscape
Indigenous people have lived in Brazil for thousands of years in harmony with nature. Join musician, composer, and instrument maker Douglas Ewart to make your own rainstick and flute using natural materials. Then improvise rhythms and melodies and perform at our Friday gathering.

402 Maskmaking
Spirits of the Rainforest
The art of maskmaking, rooted in the traditions of indigenous people who live in the Amazon rainforest region, is fast becoming a lost art. Work with artists Julie and Gustavo Boada to create your own mask inspired by those of indigenous people who still maintain a deep connection to nature.

403 Drawing & Painting
Amazing Rainforest Creatures
Brazil is home to many different kinds of animals— everything from the three-toed sloth to the squirrel monkey to the poison dart frog! Artist Sarah Honeywell helps you learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques, as you create your rainforest masterpiece for display in our Art Gallery on Friday.

404 Mixed Media
Journey South
Learn about the Fall journey south of Minnesota songbirds and the environmental challenges they face as they winter in the tropical rainforests. Join artist Rebekah Crisanta and create your favorite songbirds using a variety of art media. Display your work in our Art Gallery on Friday.

405 Eco Arts
Rainforest Ecology
Each day learn something new about the incredible diversity of animals and plants that live in the rainforest with naturalist Larry Wade who has experienced the Amazon rainforest firsthand. Then work daily with artist Jeanette Dickinson to construct a rainforest- life-sized-filling the classroom, as you deconstruct its layers.

A Changing Landscape AFTERNOON CLASSES	12:30-3:45 pm

406 Dance/Choreography
A Moving Experience
The Portuguese began to settle Brazil in the 1500’s. Join dancer Christopher Yaeger to learn dances that Portuguese settlers might have danced in the 1500’s from the royal court to country dances. Then go wild and create your own dances inspired by the movement of creatures found in the Amazon rainforest!

407 Puppetry/Storytelling
Bumba-Meu-Boi is a comical and very popular folk drama brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in the 1700’s. The story is about the adventures of a prized bull. Join Julie and Gustavo Boada to create your own special puppet character for our Bumba-Meu-Boi performance.

408 Illustration/ Storywriting
Stories on a String
Often found hanging in Brazilian market stalls, stories on a string is based on the Portuguese literatura de cordel art form. Join artist/writer, Anne Sawyer-Aitch to create your own stories, illustrate them, and house each story in a special little booklet. Add string and you have created your unique story on a string!

409 Clay
Carnaval in Miniature
Manuas is a city known as the “gateway to the rainforest”, a place where Portuguese, African and Indigenous cultures meet. Work with artist Felice Amato to create a small clay percussion orchestra, a kin and queen for the Carnaval parade, and a clay Pernambuco style box to store them in. Additional $10 materials fee.

410 Textiles
Rainforest Inspired
Taking inspiration from the colorful flowers and insects of the Amazon rainforest, work with an artist to learn two textile techniques—weaving using a backstrap loom, and stenciling with fabric paint. Then display your work in our Art Gallery.

The art work featured in this brochure is by children enrolled in previous ArtStart camps.

July 13-17, 2015 Celebrating Brazil! Many Cultures/Many Voices MORNING CLASSES 8:30-11:45 am

501 Music
“Gourd”-ious Music
Work with musician and instrument maker, Douglas Ewart, and sculptor Cecilia Schiller to create instruments from gourds! Make a 1-stringed berimbau with Douglas and a shikeri, a beaded shaker with Cecilia, both with origins in Africa. Then perform as you accompany our Capoeria ncers at the Friday celebration. Additional $12 materials fee.

502 Capoeria
Martial Arts Meets Dance
Originally Capoeria was an African-based martial arts form developed by run-away slaves in Brazil to defend themselves. oday Capoeira is a stylized dance with elements of martial arts. Join a Capoeria expert and learn the art of self-discipline and rules of engagement through this unique art form.

503 Drawing & Painting
Postcards from Brazil
From vibrant rainforest landscapes to coastal seascapes to street scenes, life in Brazil is colorful and filled with a kind of indescribable energy. Work with artist Sarah Honeywell to look at modern Brazilian art work. Then learn basic color theory and create vibrant art works that capture the essence of Brazil.

504 Artful Cuisine
A Taste of Brazil!
Master Chef Junior goes to Brazil! If you love to cook, this class is for you. Work with an artist-chef to explore the diverse cuisine of Brazil. Each day you create a new dish using fresh, organic ingredients and learn to plate your dish in an artful and beautiful way. Limited to 12 participants. Additional $15 materials fee.

505 Architecture
An Olympic Event
The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil. Imagine you are the architect selected to design the Olympic Village! Work Marjorie Fedyzsyn to learn about the summer Olympic games and view examples of Brazilian architecture. Then draw and build a model of your own Olympic Village.

The Carnaval Caper AFTERNOON CLASSES	12:30-3:45 pm

506 Music
Brazilian Drumming
The drum sets the beat for our Carnaval procession. Work with Batucada Do Norte’s own Tim O’Keefe to learn the rhythms of the drum that lead the Carnaval celebration. Then perform on your own drum and other percussion to open our Carnaval celebration.

507 Dance
Dancing in the Streets
Everyone is dancing to the Latin beat! Join dancer Christopher Yaeger and explore the origins of Latin dance. Then learn dance steps and sequences to the dance of the Carnaval— the samba, and more.The Carnaval Caper

508 Mixed Media
Brazilian Carnaval Garb
The Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in southeastern Brazil is an annual celebration held before Easter. People dress in colorful costumes and balance huge headpieces on their heads as they walk the streets playing music and dancing. Join artist Julie Boada and make a colorful, flamboyant headpiece out of reuse items, feathers, and more, plus a costume to wear in our Carnaval parade.

509 Stiltwalking
High Above the Crowd
Stilt walking, found in African culture, came to South America and is part of the Brazilian Carnaval procession. Learn how to balance and walk on stilts high above the crowd in the Carnaval parade with artist Gustavo Boada. Limited to 12 participants. Participants must be age 8 years and older.

510 Construction Arts
Carnaval Parade Float
Work with artist Felice Amato to create your own parade float in miniature for our Brazilian Carnaval celebration. Using different 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles like a bicycle, wagon or toy car, build a cardboard frame for your float. Add some paint, a bit of colored paper, and natural materials. Your float is ready join the parade!

A Start with the Arts FOR AGES 4-5 YEARS July 6-10: Amazon Adventure July 13-17: Celebrating Brazil!

Morning Section: 8:30-11:40 am
Afternoon Section: 12:30-3:40 pm
Tuition: $145/section

A Start With the Arts meets daily and offers 4-5 year-olds the opportunity for self-expression through singing, movement, drama, and art making. Activities are designed to heighten each child’s imagination while providing knowledge about Brazil through a cultural and artistic lens.

The afternoon session is a repeat of the morning session. A Start With the Arts has its own Friday informances schedule.

Camp Create for Teens
ArtStart’s Camp Create for Teens is geared for youth who want to explore their imagination through a variety of art media and gain new skills in making art.

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