Winter Art Camp

Passport to Peru: Of the Andes, Incas and More
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Tuesday-Friday, December 27-30, 2016

Journey to the Andes with Peruvian artist, Gustavo Boada and other artists to create art inspired by the ancient culture of the Inca and their modern day relatives, the Quechua, or “the people”. You create a celebration mask, clay containers, and construct a floating village like the one found on Lake Titicaca as you learn about the art, culture, geography, and habitat of our South American neighbor.

TIME: 8:30 am-3:30 pm
LOCATION: Mount Zion
AGE: Ages 6-12 years
FEE: ½ day $140 / full day $270, ArtStart members take 10% off when registering.


MORNING CLASSES 8:30-11:45 am

Textile Arts: Weaving
Peruvian textiles have an incredibly rich tradition dating back to pre-Inca times. Join an artist to learn the technique of weaving using the backstrap loom, still used today in the Andes. Then create your own design and weave with colorful yarns using the backstrap loom.

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Maskmaking: Celebrating Peruvian Style

Peruvians have maintained their cultural identity through the use and construction of masks for celebrations and traditional dances. Join Gustavo Boada, native of Peru, and Julie Boada to create the Machu Tusoj mask, costume for the harvest festival celebrated each year in Puno, Peru. Then learn the dance that makes your mask come alive!

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Mixed Media: The Retablo
Retablos, or wooden shrines originally brought to Latin America by the Spaniards for religious purposes, have evolved to include scenes from daily life. Work with artists Julie Boada and Gustavo Boada to create a retablo that captures an important event in your life using paint, clay, and more.

photo unnamed

Drawing & Painting: Animals of the Central Andes
Join artist Jeanette Dickinson and learn about the Peruvian cameloids, better known as the llama, alpaca, and vicuna, as well as the puma, the Andean fox and several species of birds. Create drawings and paintings of your favorite Peruvian animals using a variety of art materials.

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