Crafty Mini Creativity Kits

  • Have a ton of  fun with ArtStart’s Crafty Mini Creativity Kits! Each kit comes with directions to make the project and is priced just right at only $10!

    Curb-side pick-up available for kits ONLY.
    Please call to set up a pick up date and time: 651-698-2787.
    If ordering 5 or more, call the store for shipping price.


    Space Creatures : $10


    Going' Nuts for Fall : $10

    Squirrel Mask and Acorn Necklace

    Balancing Act Toys : $10

    Kit includes: cork, paper, skewers, string, close pins, pompoms, transparencies, beads, charms

    Bird Kit : $10

    Kit includes: foam template, sticky-backed mylar, feathers

    Button Bouquet : $10

    Kit includes: buttons, caps, ribbon, corks, wire

    The Black Cat Mask Kit : $10

    Kit includes: plastic container, fake fur, image of a cat face, corks, sticky-backed mylar

    Dragonfly & Flowers :$10

    Kit includes: sticky-backed mylar, pompoms, clothes pins, tubes, sequins, glue  stick,  pipe cleaners

    Glitter Slime : $10

    Red, Blue, or Green
    Kit includes: liquid starch, mixing tool, 2 baggies, and Elmer’s glue

    Galloping Unicorn : $10

    Kit includes: sticky-backed mylar, unicorn template, stars, googley eye, ribbon, brads

    Napkin Holder for 10Napkin Holder for 10 : $10

    Kit includes: glitter, glue, tube, Mylar, leaf templates, paper

    Out of This World Critters : $10

    This kit includes: sticky-backed mylar, pipe cleaners, google eyes, spindles

    Raccoon Mask : $10

    Kit includes: Mylar, template, and straws

    Turkey Table Setting With Hat for 2 : $10

    Kit includes: hats, paper, glue stick, cardboard, cones, feathers, stickers

    Windy Day Fun : $10

    Kit includes: wire, mylar streamers, beads, tubes, sticky-backed mylar

    Yarn Bug : $10

    Kit includes: yarn, sticky-backed mylar, paper, beads, pipe cleaners buttons, tubes, feathers


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