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  • Passport To The Caribbean: The Island of Haiti : Ages 6 - 12

    Monday - Thursday :  April 1-5, 2019

    Book your flight today to the Caribbean and the fascinating island of Haiti! In just five days learn a variety of art techniques and create art inspired by Haitian artisans as you work with artists from ArtStart. You won’t want to miss this amazing adventure!

    Half Day: $160, Full Day: $300
    Daily 8:30-3:45

    Note: A minimum enrollment of 12 full-time students is required for each class. Please invite a friend.

    Complete one registration per child.

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    Monday - Friday, April 1-5 2019

    MORNING CLASSES : 8:30-11:45

    Caribbean Creatures Come Alive
    Learn the art of metal craft creating creatures unique to the Caribbean like the gecko, sea turtle, and bull frog. Then using brightly colored paints just for metal, work with artist Gustavo Boada to paint your animals and marvel at how they magically seem to come alive!

    Papier Mache Bowls
    The word papier mache is French and means “chewed up paper”. Populated by the French, the beachside town of Jacmel, Haiti is one of the leading producers of papier-mâché art works. A popular papier mache art form is the bowl. Work with an artist to create your own papier mache bowl and paint it with the bright colors of the Caribbean.

    AFTERNOON CLASSES: 12:30-3:45

    CONSTRUCTION ARTS Tap Tap art on the Move Buses and trucks are the main form of public transportation in Haiti. Many vehicles have colorful images of village and city life painted all over them. Called tap taps, people tap on the side of the vehicle to signal they need a ride. Work with an artist create your own version of a Tap Tap vehicle using cardboard, paint, mylars, and more. DRAWING & PAINTING An artist’s Paradise Learn about the wildlife of Haiti. Taking inspiration from this lush tropical island, work with artist Karen Anderson to create drawings, paintings, and prints of sea creatures like manatees and dolphins and land animals like the nearly extinct Hatian solenodon, and all different species of bats!
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Passport To The Caribbean
Monday-Friday, April 1-5, 2019

Mount Zion Temple
1300 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Note: A minimum enrollment of 12 full-time students is required for each class. Please invite a friend.

Cancellation fees
Five days or less prior to start of classes: 50% of tuition fee forfeited.

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