The Purr-fect Cat Project


Not to be catty, but you will love this literature and art project.

Ages 8 years+

First read the chapter book, Cat Diaries-Secret Writings of the MEOW Society. Imagine a  society called the MEOW Society just for cats of all kinds who come together each year to share stories of their latest adventures and those of their ancestors! Create your own cat diary and, using your imagination, draw and write about what stories your cat might tell at the MEOW Society. Finally, create a bookmark and a cat toy as a “thank you” gift for your feline friend.

This kit includes: The book Cat Diaries-Secret Writings of the MEOW Society written by Betsy Byars, Betsy Duffey, and Laurie Myers with illustrations by Erik Brook,  journaling paper, decorative paper, acetate sheets, book board, a bookmark template, feathers, a bell, wire and string.

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