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Camp Create for TeensArtStart’s Camp Create is geared for youth who want to explore their imagination through a variety of art media and gain new skills in making art. Designed to inspire creativity, these classes encourage you to think outside of the box, see people and things with new eyes, and explore a variety of ideas, media through the arts.

Held at Mt. Zion, 1300 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN Registration Form

ArtStarts Cultural Camp Cultural Camp June 27-July 1, 2016

The Galapagos Islands

MORNING 8:30-11:45 am

One skill all explorers need is the ability to read a map. So, where in the world are the Galapagos Islands? Examine maps of the world to discover the answer. Then using a discarded map, turn it into a colorful work of abstract art using a variety of art materials from papers to found objects.

Learn about Galapagos Island wildlife from the giant Galapagos Tortoise to the Blue-Footed Booby-all animals that naturalist Charles Darwin studied on his 1835 voyage to the east and west coasts of South America. Then using the mosaic skills of cutting, shaping, applying and grouting tiles, create a mosaic steppingstone of your favorite Galapagos animal and dramatic one-of-a-kind buildings.

The Cuban Connection

AFTERNOON 12:30-3:45

Dancer Marciano Silva dos Santos introduces you to Capoeira, an African-based martial art form that incorporates dance. Originating in Brazil, capoeira is found all through the Caribbean including Cuba. Learn the art of self-defense, graceful movement, and self-expression through this unique art form. create your own “postcards from Brazil”!

Murals are found in parks, plazas, exterior walls of multifamily buildings and other areas throughout the cities and towns of Cuba. Discover the role of the muralist in Cuban
society. Then using your best team-player talents, work with others to design and create
a mural on canvas that sends a message about an environmental issue or societal concern.

Ecoarts Fest May 14, 2016

HARRIET ISLAND 10:00-3:00 pm

Calling all teens who have served as ArtStart Interns! Save the date for ArtStart’s annual Spring festival, the “EcoArts Fest” held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10 am-5 pm at Harriet Island Grounds and Pavilion.

A free family event, the festival celebrates our common bond as people of one world reliant on a healthy environment, most especially water and our own Mississippi River through the arts. We need your help on the day of the event to assist with hands-on children’s arts, poetry, music and dance activities, welcome festival goers, and make sure everyone recycles items in the proper bins. Please use the registration form to sign up, even if you are not attending the summer camp.

The internship program is for youth ages 13 years & older. Interns work side-by-side with professional teaching artists to assist in the classroom. There are a total of 16 full-day internships available for “Passport to Places Less Traveled: From the Galapagos Islands to Cuba”.

Interns will receive $100 for one week of service. Interns can choose to intern the week of July 11-15 or July 18-22. Both new and returning interns must fill out an application to be considered for the internship. Finally, all interns must participate in a training on Wednesday, July 6 from 9 am to 3 pm at Mt. Zion Temple, Saint Paul to meet with artists and to help set up the camp.

Register for a full-day of Camp Create
• Fill out an internship application
• Be available from 8:15 am-4:00 pm daily to intern
• Participate in intern training

Handicap Accessible

ASL interpreter available upon request


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