School Residency Program

Sparking Creativity
School Residency Program
school residency

Customized On-site and Virtual School Residencies!
ArtStart is offering in-depth virtual residencies to schools with live instruction taught by an artist trained in designing and presenting high quality, interactive instruction around a theme or topic using technology. Our strength is in customizing the residency so it reinforces academic standards and results in a dynamic arts experience emphasizing both process and product.
Book an ArtStart Residency Here or for more information, please contact Carol Sirrine

Whether exploring the relationship of the arts to ecology or culture or deepening a skill in an art form, an ArtStart residency is designed to encourage:


Creativity, The ability to combine existing knowledge or understanding in new and interesting ways to create innovative works of art; the imaginative idea; a unique personal expression.


CRAFTSMANSHIP, The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry; art that takes your breath away.


Protecting the environment through recycling/reuse, conservation, regeneration and restoration; creating art linked to the study of ecology; artful reuse.


CULTURAL AWARENESS, Drawing inspiration from the traditions and beliefs of different cultures that informs the creation of an art work; discovering beauty in the art of different cultures.


COLLABORATION, Working together with someone to produce or create something; the teacher-artist team; art projects that require communication and decision-making.


CELEBRATION, Honoring or acknowledging a special event, activity and/or person; a student art exhibit, a classroom sharing or a public performance— like ArtStart’s EcoArts Fest!
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