Summer Arts Camp St. Paul

Grab your passport  and join ArtStart artists on an unforgettable adventure to Ecuador and Peru Grab your Passportthrough the arts! The astounding diversity and rich heritage of these two countries provide a wonderful springboard for art inspired by traditional art forms – from music to dance to storytelling and visual arts. Classes for pre-school, school-age, and teens. M-F

JULY 6-10 (Ecuador) Morning classes only 
JULY 13-17 (Ecuador) Afternoon classes only 
JULY 20-24 (Peru) Morning classes only 
JULY 27-31 (Peru) Afternoon classes only 
Morning : 8:45 AM – 11:45 PM
Afternoon : 12:45 AM – 3:45 PM
AGES: Pre-school ages 4-5 years (8:45-11:45 am) and ages 6-12 years
FEE: ½ day $185/ full day $355

June 26 for classes July 6-10 and July 13-17
July 10 for classes July 20-24 and July 27-31

Scholarships available. 

Virtual Summer Camps-here is how they work:
• Teens, school age and pre-schoolers receive their own personal box of art materials from ArtStart needed to complete the classes including basic materials plus specialty materials.

• Instruction for art projects is offered daily by professional artists in a live, interactive format, as well as recorded and archived to be accessed at a later date for those who need to miss a class. In addition, artists are available to chat with participants outside of class scheduled at specific times during the week.

Ecuador JULY 6-17, 2020
Journey to Ecuador, a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. You learn about the three distinct ecosystems and the wildlife that inhabit them. In the afternoon you shift your emphasis from nature to learn about community life and how customs and traditions of the ancient Incas, the indigenous people of Ecuador, live on through art, music and dance.

Peru JULY 20-31, 2020
Head south to Peru, a country that borders Ecuador. Here you visit the Andes, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world running the length of Peru. The valleys and mountains for the Andes are home to the ancient culture of the Incas and their modern day relatives, the Quechua, or “the people”. Working with artists, you learn about the Inca way of life and how the Spanish influenced the art and culture of the indigenous people of Peru. Each day you create art work inspired by the land and animals, the people and culture.


Brochure/Register By Mail

Ages 4-5: A Start with the Arts $185
Ages 6-12: Half Day: $185, Full Day: $355

June 26 for classes July 6-10 and July 13-17
July 10 for classes July 20-24 and July 27-31

ArtStart Members*: Receive a 10% discount!
Discounts do not apply to aftercare or additional materials fees.

Cancellation Fees
June 1-27: 20% of fee forfeited
June 28-July 5: 50% of fee forfeited
July 6 or later: 100% of fee forfeited

Artist Roster


Lunch and Snacks
Full day students need to bring a lunch. Lunch is supervised. Children should also bring a morning and afternoon fruit break.

Each Friday family and friends of pre- schoolers and school age children are invited to attend ArtStart’s Informance where children share their art work and performances created throughout the week. A flyer will be sent home mid-week announcing the time and place of the Friday Informance.

Ecuador JULY 6-10, 2020

401 Drawing and Painting
Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands
Ecuador is the first country in the world to adopt the Rights of Nature as part of its Constitution. These Rights includes the Galapagos Islands, home to animals and plants found no where else on earth. Draw and paint your favorite animal and display your art at our Friday informance.

402 Dance
If Animals Could Dance
Join dancer Christopher Yaeger to choreograph your own dances! Based on the movement of many different animals of the Galapagos Island, the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest, you create your own individual and group movement sequences. Then you perform them at our Friday celebration.

403 Mosiacs
An Ocean of Plastics
The Galápagos Marine Reserve is home to more than 2,900 species, many of which are found no where else in the planet. When plastics are thoughtlessly discarded, some wash up on the beaches of these islands and threaten the habitat of Galapagos Tortoises, sea lions, penguins, and iguanas, and more. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson and create a mosaic of your favorite Galapagos marine animal.

404 Jewelry
Rainforest Riches
An amazing palm tree grows in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. Known as the tagua palm, this tree produces beautiful material suitable for making natural jewelry often known as the ivory of the rainforest. Work with artist Julie Boada to create jewelry using
natural materials of the rainforest. Additional $10 materials fee.

405 Puppetry
The Magic Lake & Other Folktales of Ecuador
Artist Gustavo Boada takes you on a nature adventure to Ecuador through storytelling and puppetry. Listen to folktales and stories about lakes, a tortoise, and more. Then learn how to make a puppet and how to give life to that puppet. Now you are ready to perform with your puppet at our Friday celebration!

406 Drawing and Painting
Tigua Paintings
For generations indigenous people of Tigua, Ecuador have painted colorful scenes of community life. Learn about community life in the Andes. Then work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to create art inspired by tigua painting techniques.

407 Dance
Festival of the Sun Inti Raymi or the Festival of the Sun is a well-known celebration within the Inca Empire of South America. Each country celebrates Inti Raymi differently, but the purpose behind the tradition remains the same—giving tribute to the sun god, Taita Into. Join dancer Lyton Guallpa-Naula to learn how Inti Raymi is celebrated in Ecuador through artmaking, dance, and costuming.

408 Weaving
A Day At the Otavalo Fair
Ecuador is well known for vibrant woven textiles that are absolutely eye catching. The Otavalo Valley has some of the best woven textiles sold in large open-air markets in all of South America. Work with Anne Sawyer to learn the art of weaving on a small loom incorporating wool, alpaca, and synthetic yarns. Display your weaving at our celebration!

409 Jewelry
Metals & Leather Come Together
Using modern materials that imitate gold, silver and copper metal, work with artist Gustavo Boada to create metal-like jewelry that incorporates design motifs based on the Incan calendar. Then create a soft leather pouch in which to carry your wearable art adding lacing and beads. Additional $10 materials fee.

410 Maskmaking
A Living Tradition
Carved wooden masks have long been a part of traditional indigenous culture. Work with mask maker Julie Boada and create a colorful papier mache mask inspired by the wolf, the condor, the national bird of Ecuador, and other animals living in the Andean countryside.

Peru JULY 13-17, 2020

501 Drawing and Painting
Animals of the Central Andes
Capture the beauty of Peruvian animals from the llama to the puma that live high in the Andes. Work with artist Karen Anderson to create drawings and paintings of your favorite Andean animals using a variety of art materials. Display your work at our Friday celebration!

502 Maskmaking
Celebrating Peruvian Style
Join Gustavo Boada, native of Peru, and Julie Boada, both master mask makers, to create the Machu Tusoj mask, headpiece, and colorful costume for the harvest festival celebrated each year in Puno, Peru. Finally, learn the dance that makes your mask come alive and perform for all at the Friday celebration!

503 Gourd Art
Mates Burilados
The legendary bulgaris gourd, known as mate in Peru, is the basis of the fine art of the mate burilado. The oldest carved gourds date back 3,500 years and were found in the Huaca Prieta temple on Peru’s north coast. Work with Jeanette Dickinson to create your own gourd art inspired by the patterns and colors of Peruvian artisans. Additional $10 materials fee.

504 Clay
Riches from the Earth
The art and science of ceramic production has flourished in Andes for thousands of years. Work with artist Lisa Himmelstrup to learn the process of building clay pottery by hand in the time honored manner of the Quechua, direct descendants of the Incas. Then create a variety of clay containers inspired by designs of ancient Inca society. Additional $10 materials fee.

505 Architecture
Machu Picchu Inca architects, engineers and stone masons were unrivaled when it came to building great cities. Machu Picchu, an ancient Peruvian city built by the Inca and constructed of granite is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located high in the Andes, Machu Picchu was built to withstand earthquakes and landslides. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn about life in the city. Then work as a group to create your own structure to add to the city.

506 Music
Instrument Making
Work with musician and instrument maker Douglas Ewart to make an antara, or pan flute, dating back to the ancient Inca. Learn how to make beautiful music on this wind instrument. Then create a set of maracas and perform on both instruments at our Friday informance!

507 Dance
Huayno Dance and More
From the Moche to the Incas and the arrival of the Spanish, many cultures make up Peru that are directly reflected in the traditional dances of the country. Join Kuyayki Peru for a high-spirited journey
through Peruvian folklore and dance. Learn dances from different regions of Peru including the very popular Huayno dance from Cuzco, Peru that it ends with an energetic tap dance!

508 Textile Arts
Hand Embroidery
Peruvian textiles have a rich tradition dating back to the pre-Inca. Work with artist Julie Boada to create a small tapestry patterned with Peruvian designs, motifs, and scenes of community life. Then display your needle work at our Friday celebration.

509 Mixed Media
The Retablo
Retablos are wooden boxes painted with brightly colored images that include scenes from daily life in Peru such as shopping in the market place, farming the land, and celebrating special days. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to create your own retablo that expresses something special in your life.
Additional $10 materials fee.

510 Metal Tooling
Brought to Mexico, Central and South America by the Spanish, repousse’ or repujado in Spanish, is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side. Work with artist Gustavo Boada to learn the techniques of metal tooling and create a beautiful silver foiled picture. Then display your art at our Friday celebration. Additional $10 materials fee.

A Start with the Arts

Morning Sessions Only: 10:15-11:15 am
Tuition: $185/week
A Start With the Arts offers 4-5 year-olds the opportunity to work with a teaching artist/educator and guest artists from Ecuador and Peru to explore the art, culture, and wildlife of these two countries through singing, movement, drama, art making and other hands-on activities. The program for pre-schoolers parallels the school-age program in theme and content: Ecuador, July 6-10 and Peru, July 20-31, 2020. A Start With the Arts children share their art work and perform at the Friday school-age informance/celebration.

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