Summer Arts Camp

Book your flight to the fascinating countries of Egypt and Turkey! These countries are known as transcontinental countries because their land mass spans two continents-Egypt, the Nile Valley in northern Africa spans to the Sinai in southern Asia; Turkey, is the crossroads of Asia and the southern European countries of Greece and Bulgaria. Join professional artists on this whirlwind tour of two fascinating countries as you explore their geography, wildlife, and cultural arts. Participate in art, music, dance, and drama classes daily and create unique works of art and performances inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and Turkish traditions.Pre-school children ages 4-5 years should register for ‘A Start with the Arts’ and youth ages 13 years+ should register for ‘Camp CREATE for Teens’ .  Both programs offer art experiences based on the theme.

Ages: 4-12 years
Mon – Fri: July 10-14 Egypt: Spanning Northern Africa to Southern Asia
Mon – Fri: July 17-21 Turkey: Crossroads to Europe and Asia
Location: Mount Zion 1300 Summit Ave. Saint Paul, MN
Early Bird Registration for all Summer Camps!!
Camp Create for Teens, Start with the Arts for Pre-schoolers, and Youth Ages 6-12 Years
Saturday, February 4, 2023 10 am-4 pm
ArtStart’s ArtScraps 1459 St. Clair Ave. Saint Paul, MN or on-line

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